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  1. Thanks Boeroer, i will stay on a single monk, i'm addicted to WotW It is very hard to find a subtitute of this ability in terms of dps and crowd control.
  2. Hi, I would say Single Druid or Single Wizard, otherwise you will misse some of best aoe dps spells : Avenging Storm; Grand Maelstrom for the Druid and Minoletta's Missile Salvo an Wilting Wind. Sorcerer is still a powerful choice but with other subclass and some experience with the game [CLASS BUILD] The Thundercat is back! – Sorcerer (Lifegiver / Blood Mage) Solo Upscaled PotD - Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Characters Builds, Strategies & the Unity Engine (Spoiler Warning!) - Obsidian Forum Community
  3. Hi guys, I am very interested to play a melee transcendant in a party game ( Eder Swashbuckler, Pallegina Fanatic, Xoti Celebrant and ALoth single Wizard) but it is hard for me to not play a single monk and his high levels abilities. In terms of dps (single and aoe), a transcendant can still mtach an single monk ? Or WoW will always better than Seeker's Fang rapier with its Spider's Flurry and mini cone ? A single FF is very durable, Borrowed Instinct or Psychovampiric shield is it really needed ?
  4. You can try a single hellwaker monk with Whispers of the Wind + Ajamuut's Stalking Cloak + Mohora Tanga + ( Avenging Storm), deadly combo
  5. Hi guys, I going to plan an another run with some multiclass I have never played and using the most of the classes available. Thinking for : MC Forbidden Fist/Trickster Rekke Devoted/Berserker Fassina Sorcerer (Wizard/Ancient) and still hesitating for the last two choices : Pallegina Inquisitor and Xoti Celebrant, I don't know if Inquisitor can fit for the main tank role associated with a shadowdancer ? I want to use WotP and Inquisitor presents a good synergy with this weapon. Pallegina Herald (Troubador Subclass ) and Xoti Mystic (Gaun/Psion) : Herald is one of the best tank but I find him too passive and with this choice, I will not have the possibility to use Weyc items / Sasha Scimitar combo, but it is a quite late game combo. Maybe to obsessed for those items...
  6. Thank very much @abotand @Boeroer, I used this topic to get some tips but I didn't precise I use this build in 5 men party. I didn't use summons for the moment, maybe "Instruments of death" and "Many Lives" in late game for combos.
  7. lvl 8 seems too low for those areas, maybe 10-11 will be more appropriate. Eder is better as Fighter/Rogue (above all as Unbroken/Trickster ), with this suggestion remove Ydwin (or change her as Mindstalker) from a single wizard (or Druid) and you will be fine.
  8. My plan is to use Weyc stuff + Shasha Scimitar + Unstable coil in late game. So "Her revenge.." invocation will be here to trigger it, I don't want to use melee weapons, spamming spells is very fun and intensive Essence Interruptor is just here for the fluff and the potential summon.
  9. I started a new run with this MC for my watcher, and it is very fun and intensive to play, need a lot of micro. However, for the moment, he is quite fragile and I prefer to use him with a ranged weapon (Essence Interruptor) but it is quite counterproductive with the invocations "Her Revenge" and "The Thuder rolled". Is it preferable to chose summons and reroll then when you are able to get close to th melee?
  10. i use "Alternate Class Feature" and "PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks", or using Unity Console to change subclass but you will need to remove some abilities manually.
  11. Thanks for your advices, I started with spiritualist and contemplative. I'm reading topics about those builds
  12. Hi everybody, I'm trying to do a new PotD uptated run with DLC and Mega Bosses but still hesitating with differents choices for my party. I would like to keep this three-men choice (using mods and console) Eder Unbroken/ Trickster Pallegina Paladin/Berserker Aloth Wizard But I can't decide for the last two : MC Hellwaker / Skald Xoti Gaun / Troubadour MC Psion/Troubadour Xoti Gaun / Hellwaker I already played a SC Monk and it is very difficult to ignore his high levels abilities but I would to try something different and still efficient. Two MC Chanters seems redondant ? A cipher is really needed for a PotD run ? Which one is the most interesting (MC) to use Weyc Gear + Unstable Coil ? And the most dynamic and fun to play ? Thanks for your advices
  13. It will be my first attempt... Ok i need a dedicated healer so. Priest or Druid. Teheku is perfect for this role, carrying debuff and control but I would like to change. I never played a Priest maybe I will try for this game, my tank will need some babysitting the first levels. I can swap Xoti as Priest and get Mirke as Monk.
  14. I re-work my list after reading several posts. I would like to use only single class if possible : MC Trombadour Sword and Shield (Kons 'stats are too bad to full ths role) Frontline Tank/CC/Summon Hellwaker Monk Xoti FuryShaper Konstantein 2H weapons Aloth Evoker or Wizard no Subclass Ydwin Ascendant or Seer (Ghost/No Subclass?) I Think PL8/9 are very good here for my trio melee but I read that the seer vas very efficient and accurate for a ranged build (Red Hand/FrostSeeker) or Teheku Single Druid, love his subclass but I took him in my every game and I want to try Cipher class Any suggestion for the fifth role? If i go Cipher, my healing will be enough? Cheers
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