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  1. This build is a lot of fun, the damage is insane and you're pretty sturdy between Mirrored Image + Drugs (Whiteleaf heals me for 4.1 health per 3 seconds alone). I played it as dual Sabers instead because I think Tarn's or Grave Calling in your offhand are better than Rannig's. I was overloaded with Accuracy, so the Rapier bonus was meh + the modal isn't really needed once you get Enduring Dance (both actives, no stacking). I can probably drop my accuracy gloves and pet, too. This screenshot below was against the Porokoa at the end of SSS on upscaled PotD, it's a Heartbeat Dru
  2. I heard about this bug around release, guess it's still around. Reproduce: 1. Never recruit Eder or Serafen. I can load my PoE 1 save and Eder is dead, hanging on the tree. 2. Finish PoE 2, and their slides appear at the end of the epilogue.
  3. Should be +50%? Isn't this backward? Full attacks use OH recovery. If you want to Full Attack and get +2 Pen for free, Sabre should be in your MH.
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