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  1. One last Game Informer video for those who haven't seen any, this one talking about base building. Shyla has done a good job posting Game Informer vids on the Grounded: Announcements and News forum so I will leave the posting of them in her capable hands from now on. Enjoy.
  2. This one kind of creeped me out, but here's another Game Informer video with an early "bestiary" of insects... XBox One's are very affordable now so hopefully Truly Yours doesn't spend too much.
  3. Another 5 minutes of game play w/commentary from Game Informer. Enjoy.
  4. Game Informer gave their early thoughts on Grounded in preparation of their latest cover story. The link below didn't tell us a lot of things we may not have already known, but the three people in the video that played it did appear to enjoy the experience. It is the very first game they discuss so no need to watch the clip in its entirety. Of particular interest are the reasons they gave for why gamers should consider Grounded, especially for those who may not appear interested in the title right this moment. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cq6PsnlXuVs
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