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  1. The posts on that forum are painful to read. I'll stick to obsid's forum, which is filled with competent people. Im guessing the site's being handled by SEGA's side of the production. Still, they should also link to Obsidian's own AP forum...
  2. The game looks better than in previous gameplay videos and I dont mean simply the "graphiczx", but also the animations, that seem more fluid, especially the hand to hand combat. The player character also seems to have more weight to his movement, maybe this is just because he's moving slowly though. The aiming works like an improved version of Deus Ex and Vampire: Bloodlines aiming. It's important to me to get that crosshair as small as it can, it really gives you the idea that the shot is gonna have greater accuracy. One of the problems with Bloodlines was that no matter how proficient you got with weapons, the crosshair never got that small, and your shots looked like they were going to miss, even if they weren't! The perk selection screen is functional, but I hope you can change through them quickly without having to go to that screen all the time. I like it that the perks are obtained like gameplay achievements, and not something that you select at will during character creation and levellup. Also, the music in the background sounds really good, both during the stealth sequences and the fast paced action.
  3. Who will give Alpha Protocol the Deus Ex vibe it needs now?!
  4. Praise to Obsidian for getting one of Deus Ex's composers, Alex Brandon.
  5. What most disturbed me was that of all the interfaces that they could show, they showed that ugly lockpick minigame. If I had seen some dialog or inventory I wouldn't be worried!
  6. Hello all, first time poster, big time lurker! I just had to post about what I think is the single bad moment in the new developers diary: the lockpick minigame. I's identical to Oblivion's broken system. I understand that lockpicks are dealt through minigames these days, instead of using a tool to deal with them like Deus Ex, or making a more complex minigame like Thief: Deadly Shadows, but it would be much better if said minigame would at least be in 3d, and using different mechanics than Oblivion's. I don't understand anything about locks and pins and stuff like that, but that 2d interface looks old-gen, and will probably get boring by the third lockpick. It's not the most important thing in the world, but its what stood out to me as bad during the dev diary. It's also a bit unfortunate that the first piece of interface we get to see is that outdated system. I was expecting at least some dialog options!
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