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  1. FYI, I received this: Thank you for writing and I am sorry to hear you’ve experienced issues in Deadfire that have negatively impacted your gameplay experience. The Developer is hard at work on fixing the major common bugs that have been reported, however I must ask for your understanding as this is a very large game so these solutions will take time to research, implement, and test. I assure we are committed to bringing players the best game experience possible so we will continue to search for ways to improve the console port as we go. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you during your playthrough. Regards, Amanda Kirby Versus.Evil Community & Influencer Manager Discord: Maevri#0001 Twitter: @MaevriPlays
  2. PS4: Final Battle in The Forgotten Sanctum crashes and resets to PS4 start screen. Possibly between characters, anything you summoned, enemies, pillars and other things that appear it just overloads. I was not able to finish that DLC, backtracked on my saves, ran out, and started another DLC
  3. Hi. It's in Beast Of Winter. At a certain point you can go in different directions through portals and I chose what is called, I believe, 'drowned' zone something. That area has multiple teleportation spots, and several areas you need to click on and get a number of possibilities. From the get-go once you enter the area, you are locked in combat mode. There is no way out of it, tried resetting the PS4, reloading the game, even tried making it crash a couple of times with the 'enchant item bug' and reloading it. It's impossible to continue in the mode, what I found is that you are either stuck with the 5 crosses to make the party move, or you could at random intervals have the cursor change into the one that has you point at an area or item to interact with; However, when it does that, it stays locked as such for ANY area on the screen, and you can't actually click on anything, it's just….frozen. once there is an enemy, combat does work normally. The only solution I found was opening status, opening map then world map, opening inventory, etc. then going back and sooner or later doing that you had a split second that it 'forces' the cursor to seem to take the actual screen into account, and you can click on the portal or item or dead foe's items. Once you get teleported, it's locked again. Essentially, and I timed it, for an area that, apart from reading all the text, probably takes about 5 minutes to walk from spot to spot, it takes you ages to try to be able to move and interact like this + loading times + the occasional bug and crash. It's just not playable. I noticed an item sticking out somewhere where water went down due to my actions and I just couldn't be bothered, I ran as fast as I saw an exit. Once in that exit, there are more battles and it went crashing there too. I haven't been able to finish The Forgotton Sanctum DLC for this reason as well, the final battle kept crashing and returning to the PS4 desktop. So I took a few saves back, ran out of the DLC, and started beast of Winter. Which seems to be equally broken. Apart from the enchanting bug, the bugs seem FAR worse in the DLC than in the regular game from what I saw, too. It's like they gave up playtesting at that point and rushed out the product
  4. All console ports have this bug. People have found solutions like minimising the items, either by selling a bunch, or disbanding party members on the ship while loading a small number of items on the watcher, as otherwise the game gets an overload of data on unique items and crashes; But seriously, that's not our job and just one of many errors, I can't be arsed with all that, and so much time after launch, nothing about this seems to be getting fixed.
  5. Once you get further in the game, with the DLC, there are spots where even moving is nigh on impossible, it considers you in constant combat mode while no foes, so you cannot click on items and certain portals needed, I found to remedy that was to open as much things like maps, status, etc. so it forces it to jump, and then detects those portals; Once teleported, it bugs like that again and you need to spend minutes trying to force it. Then once you get further than that area, it keeps crashing in a battle. Between that and the absurd loading times, I actually yesterday calculated it and for 5 minutes of actual gaming, you spend an hour of loading, crashing, etc.; I'm sorry but between fulltime work and other hobbies, this is just not acceptable for a 59 euro full price game and warrants a refund
  6. I have bought the game prior to launch so from the start and have hereby given Playstation maybe what...25 to 50 error screens with pictures, video and whatnot. From what I gather, Obsidian just states on their website 'If you have issues with the port just contact Versus Evil, not our problem', and Versus Evil is not answering to anything from the PS4 store. Products with these many bugs and crashes normally don't get through quality control and the way Obsidian waylays any criticism from the get-go makes me believe they were fully aware of them but just launched (for full price at 59 euro!) anyway and grab the cash. As there is no bug fix or any update whatsoever to the game, I check every day, I am going to demand playstation for a refund, I've had it. I've also been with obsidian for a while but this is the final nail for me, going from asking backers money to launch things to this is just ridiculous
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