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  1. Got the patch, and enchanting does indeed work. BUT, the game still crashes a lot. I have several areas that ALWAYS crash the game when I go back there (Tikawara for instance). I have several quests that just can't be finished because the NPC just hasn't got the right response option. This game really has way too many bugs, and severe ones at that as well!
  2. It really is unbelievable how often the game crashes, even with the 1.04 patch. Haven't played a game this buggy and technically bad in the last two decades! Shame on you dev! patch 1.04 made it so I could finally enchant stuff. But now the game crashes ALWAYS in Tikawara; just walking around or in any conversation... really pisses me of! EDIT now the whole game won’t start anymore....
  3. Thanks! Edit; I figured it out, you have to walk a character close to each of them....
  4. I just had her nearly done, yet another crash. This games is one piece of technical garbage but how do you get them to help?
  5. I already know that it wasn't me, when I couldn't beat her the first time we met. Her 18 armor rating awas to much for the penetration of my characters. But what I don't understand is what the helpers, the souls I rescued, do? They just stand there at the edge of the screen in their spots, doing nothing? They're supposed to help me right?
  6. Cool! Too bad I learned all kinds of spells. And I have all scrolls in Aloths quickslots. Will put some grimoires in there!
  7. Im on PS4 and quite a bit through the game, but I still don’t understand how grimoires work. I’ve learned some spells that said they were in a grimoire. I’ve aloth ‘s grimoire equipped and got a dozen others. Dothey give extra spells beyond learned ones or what? What grimoire should I equip?
  8. I'm not going back, that's like throwing away 15+ ours running around in Neketaka with all the accompanying load screens ... But the game seems to make it a habit of breaking quest when you unknowingly do things in the wrong order. Really a shame in a game like this, that is all about exploration and discovery ... Seems the game is too complex for it's own good!
  9. Console version is quite buggy, sometimes these transition markers do not show up or, when they do, when activated/clicked send characters off to the other side of the map for some reason or another ...
  10. I sneaked in at night and tried to alter the forged document, but the game tells me I need a good reason to do so... So still stuck on this Anyone any ideas ?
  11. Thanks, but that leads to a small interior with a broken adra crystal?
  12. I,'m in Neketaka and this should be there But the temple of gaun has only an Interior? How do I get to the square above?
  13. I talked to Luca before I talked to Tawenu. After having spoken to Tawenu I am supposed to talk to Luca in his office. But, he's never there anymore. I can only find him in the tavern, where I can't engage in conversation with him. Talking to Tawenu again is also not possible. I looted the forged contract from Luca's chest and tried to alter it in the archives, but it won't let me ... Is there a way still to have this quest progress? If not, will I miss out on many quests / other because of it ?
  14. Did some checking last night and mostly load times are around 36s-40s for me with the external SSD. I was playing in the districts in Neketaka, so much loading in and out of buildings. An evening's worth of playing ends up looking at loading screens half of the time. And what's worse, the same 4 or 5 tips on the loading screen over and over again. One would think there's enough information to put on there ...
  15. I found those two families and got the quest. But it is 3 skulls, so I guess I will not be solving it anytime soon and get that reward
  16. I only have 10 perception on my main and two companions with 12. Don't know if i'll encounter one with high perception, how bad is that ?
  17. PotD, What is that? I am playing Pillars of Eternity Deadfire Ultimate Edition on PS4 Pro....
  18. Thanks for all insights. Currently level 4 and with a four man party. Things are getting better, I'm getting grip on things. So far levelling up did nit allow me to add attribute points, will it stay that way ? I'm trying to figure things out myself and not use builds figured out by others. Like to pick things myself and also level up my companions myself. I pick skills and passives I think work well. We'll see how far I get And I thought INT matters for the range of the auras ?
  19. I play on PS4 pro and with the up and down arrow keys it is possible to zoom in and out. However, when combat is started, these do no longer work and I cannot zoom in or our anymore. I'd like to be able to zoom in all the way during combat, because otherwise the small duration bars are barely visible ... Please fix this, thanks!
  20. I play on PS4 Pro and attached an SSD specifically for this game. SO far lading times are around 40s. I will measure some more load times tonight. I heard that keeping the number of save files to a minimum also keeps load times within acceptable range, so I use 10 save files (001 - 009) which I rotate all the time. But yes, the load times for entering small interiors is ridiculous ....
  21. Thanks! Seems to work, but I tend to pause a lot, to manage them myself. Only on easier fights I let them act on their own. We'll see how far I get ...
  22. I am playing on PS4 with RTwP setting. I have some questions regarding the combat: 1) When I initiate combat and thereafter issue no commands, will all party member keep attack automatically 2) Will party members / companions automatically use abilities / spells when I do not give them specific orders 3) I want to initiate combat myself all of the time. When i set the party AI combat behaviour to passive, will they attack and keep attacking after I started combat, or do I have to direct them myself? And if they then will also engage, will they use all of their skills/spells/
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