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  1. Any high RES Forbidden Fist build and you're set. I Played Powerotti's Hand of Doom as MC and then a Forbidden Fist/Devoted and both were impressive. Now I'm rolling a SC Forbidden Fist, still lv8 so time will tell.
  2. Thank you for all the replies! I have two monks in my party (a SC forbidden fist and a shattered pillar/soulblade) so I don't want a third one. It is going to be fighter/skald. That's actually a great idea, I was thinking about choosing blackjacket but did not consider 1h style. I did some playtesting, Sun and Moon does nice and WotEP, albeit quite slower at autoattacks, does great too against multiple targets (and with the plus of having Ofensive Parry). That said, having using blackjacket I could switch weapons versus single (Sun and Moon) and multiple targets (WotEP). Also it is good to have a 3rd weapon slot for empower shenanigans (Sasha's and The Weyc's Wand) and another for The Eye of Wael (for switching when getting bloodied to proc Form Fantasmic and then immediately switching back with no penalty) plus another 1h weapon with an active ability to have on demand. I also tested offhand ranged weapons for dual wielding with Sun and Moon. I tested for on-hit effects and passive bonuses to see if some effect that could applt to main hand attacks or spells (something like Lover's Quarrel proccing in response to spells crits), the only thing I found is Current Rush's bonus crit damage applying to main hand attacks. On the other hand, A Whale of a Wand's charm effect procs quite often of Her Revenge because of the bouncing.
  3. Bloodmage is great for spamming Gaze of the Adragan or Slicken. Beguiler can be quite spammy too since they gain an enormous amount of focus from the same cc they cast. Btw @Boeroer I tried your beguiler/furyshaper build idea as MC last run and it was amazing for both single and mass debuff/cc.
  4. Hi, I'm about to roll a war caller skald (I still can't decide on which fighter subclass to pick) to use Sun and Moon as main hand weapon (to benefit from double crit chance) along with a ranged weapon in offhand, in order to attack always with the flail. What could be a good offhand weapom choice? I was thinking to pick The Weyc's Wand for empower shenanigans (plus the coil etc.) but that doesn't come until quite lategame.
  5. Yup, I saw exactly that. It triggers on successful casting and then once again for each projectile. The downside is not recovering the empower point with the scimitar because it is not an invocation, so you don't get the 1 per encounter but it is busted anyway.
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