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  1. The fact that they used to reply to this forum saying a fix was coming and have completely stopped replying once they updated the game with ultrawide support for loading screens and cut scenes makes it pretty clear that was their intended fix and nothing else is coming, especially since DLC and other updates have occured. I'd highly recommend anyone with an ultrawide monitor who already unfortunately owns the title, that they download a mod that has been available since Nov 2019. It's super easy to use, and I believe only requires a minor .ini tweak. There's also other graphical issues with the game anyways that require further .ini tweaks or mods to be installed anyways, so might as well do those at the same time too. Obsidian/Black Isle and that whole group was one of my favourite developers since the early Fallout days, and subsequent Fallout New Vegas days. This whole situation has really knocked them down a peg in my opinion. Since I doubt they'll fix this, I'm really hoping this is an isolated incident and that they get back to being the incredible developers I had believed they were for all future titles.
  2. Confirming ultrawide (2560x1080) doesn't work for me either on fullscreen, it forces me to select 1920x1080 and play with black bars still as there is no option for ultrawide resolutions. I was really excited to see in the update notes that ultrawide is finally supported, so I'm not sure what went wrong with the update. Can you please update us and let us know when ultrawide fullscreen mode will truly be available?
  3. There was mods released within 2 weeks of the game release that do a somewhat decent job of fixing the ultrawide issue. If one random person could do a so-so fix done that quickly, it definitely means its doable with this game and not an issue with the game engine. They're just not prioritizing this issue. Seems they don't really care and just want to placate us with 'working on it...'. I used to be a huge fan and lover of Obsidian, but their poor handling of this has drastically changed my opinion of them and their games. If they care so little about their own game, then why should I continue to sink in time and care about it too? I want to point out I bought a $5 indie game that was released 3 years ago. Even that game had ultrawide support in it.
  4. Definitely a big +1 for ultrawide support! There have been mods available since November, and .ini file tweaks I've been forced to do to make ultrawide work. Ultrawide isn't super niche anymore in 2020, so I shouldn't have to result to work arounds unless it's a super small budget indie game. Since a nobody like me has had working ultrawide since Nov, I'm curious why the developers are taking so long. Are there any updates for native support of ultrawide without all the work arounds on our end?
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