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  1. Well, put that shield in all except 1 slots (if you have only 2 weapon slots, it means 1, but I use 3 weapslots for my runs) and select this slot without Lethandria when you take hits from blight. When you need healing just run away or around and spam weapon change. Shield is safe and not gonna be broken. Good luck. But, Magran's curse, 4-5 hours before 16 lvl? Maybe some time optimization or speedrun strat that you need.
  2. Hello everyone, congrats every Ultimate challenge successors, you are awesome. I was also inspired to beat it, all calculations and strategy trainings are ready, but I have some questions. Is it legit to use Scordeo's Edge accuracy stacking exploit (requires save-load shenanigans) and Hylea reward + Luminous Adra potion stacking (save-load requires too) or this will disqualify me form Ultimate challenge? First is not so necessary for my run (more like funny!) but last is extremely important.
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