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  1. Lack of accuracy causes a lot of pain and suffering for you? Right here, right now we have special offer! Just use Scordeo accuracy exploit. All you need is to be a priest or have a priest in your party which is also able to become Brilliant (the easiest way is another partymember to be a cipher), and enchanted Scordeo's Edge (Adaptive + Blade Cascade). You just hit anything in battle with this sabre while the priest get Brilliant buff and start to spam Salvation of time, wait till Blade Cascade procs (if enemies are about to end, just hit your partymembers), once proced, SoT prolong
  2. Coz that enchantment gives me temporary buff +15% weapon dmg, which will be suppressed by other temporary buff +20% from Minor Avatar. Am I rigth? I didnt know about 7 bolts mantle, my bad. Thx for the tip, man It could be more insanity in my run, where I go via multiple separate fights (all DLCs and Nemnok at least).
  3. Well, Helwalker is way more easier to play and has more Might = more damage. And, good luck best of luck for you (if you are about ultimate)! The thing is, any class + Skaen can be viable, this is the easiest ultimate meta. As for monks, even without wotw and resonant, these guys have a lot of #perfectlybalanced abilities and features. You know what? In my last training run, I completed it 1 day faster (with exactly the same strategy). I am not sure where I lost 1 day in my ultimate run (I dont think this is because bad sailing), but it is possible to complete it sub-3 mont
  4. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4-gPlAz-X6apyE2b2tKdlxiNRIqEjMB2 Here it is, full video of my Ultimate run. I hope you do not mind non-English game language, or? Everyone welcome and free to ask, discuss, use, or exploit PS. Class: Contemplative (Helwalker + Skaen priest)
  5. So, ulti-mates, I have another question... I dont remember, plz help me, where I can read about what exactly to present (except savefile and full video) and where to send this?
  6. Well, put that shield in all except 1 slots (if you have only 2 weapon slots, it means 1, but I use 3 weapslots for my runs) and select this slot without Lethandria when you take hits from blight. When you need healing just run away or around and spam weapon change. Shield is safe and not gonna be broken. Good luck. But, Magran's curse, 4-5 hours before 16 lvl? Maybe some time optimization or speedrun strat that you need.
  7. Hello everyone, congrats every Ultimate challenge successors, you are awesome. I was also inspired to beat it, all calculations and strategy trainings are ready, but I have some questions. Is it legit to use Scordeo's Edge accuracy stacking exploit (requires save-load shenanigans) and Hylea reward + Luminous Adra potion stacking (save-load requires too) or this will disqualify me form Ultimate challenge? First is not so necessary for my run (more like funny!) but last is extremely important.
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