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  1. Was holding out hope that they would finally release an ultrawide fix alongside the first DLC, but looks like no dice. I think it's safe to assume that at this point it's not going to happen, so it'd be appreciated if the devs would at least come out and confirm that the fix isn't coming so we can all move on with our lives. I'm tired of holding off on playing the game on the off-chance that an ultrawide fix does come down the line later on. If it's not happening, then please be honest and say as much instead of keeping us in the dark.
  2. While it's really great to hear about ultrawide support being added for cutscenes, gameplay is where the lack of ultrawide support is mostly felt. Is that something we can still hope to see in a future patch?
  3. Thank you for commenting on the widescreen issue, it's greatly appreciated to finally get confirmation that it's being looked into. The game just isn't enjoyable in its current state for those of us with 21:9 monitors, and official support is the deciding factor for a lot of us whether we're even able to play the game or not.
  4. Great changes, but can we please have native 21:9 support added to the game already? For all of us ultrawide users the game is still unplayable, and it just cannot be enjoyed as it is right now.
  5. Really glad to see an update to the UI size, that was an important change. Now could we please get an update on 21:9 support on PC? For all of us ultrawide users, the game is basically unplayable. Natively the game crops the picture so the top and bottom get horribly chopped off, and conversations/terminals are completely borked. And there's not even an option to manually set the game to 16:9 to add pillarboxes. As it stands right now, I can't enjoy this game that I've looked forward to playing for months. I understand that we only make up less than 10% of PC gamers, but 21:9 is growing i
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