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  1. I don't think ADA is the player's wife, especially when she doesn't express any remorse about enjoying time with SAM.
  2. Posted this in a similar topic but yeah, I had agreed to have drinks with her next time we were at groundbreaker and had left her on the ship while felix and vic went with me to the comm satellite. During the comm sat mission, I got notified that she died. After reading the ladder answer, wondering if it happens if you leave the unreliable while she's on a ladder? Couldn't see her from the door. Win10, story mode.
  3. I just got this glitch myself. Story mode, she had just asked about having drinks as Felix and Vic were suiting up to bring the comm satellite back online. I told her "Sure, next time we're there, drinks are on me." and then the boys and I went bot hunting, leaving her alone on the ship with Ada. Mid-quest, I get a notification that the quest was failed due to her death. Unless Ada went full HAL-9000 on her, I don't see how. She was still alive and I've made it further in her questline in other playthroughs?
  4. 1 - Multi-character support. I know it might not be do-able, but when I first saw the "Choose which companions are going with you" screen upon exiting the ship, I thought that would be a great way to choose which character you would like to play as as well, since savegames, yes, do list the character they are for, but can get lost in the jumble after a while. 2 - This isn't a complaint about the map sizes by a long shot, but rather the sighting of perfect opportunity. In comparison to the size of the planets, the visit-able areas seem pretty small, meaning that if/when you make DLC, you c
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