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  1. Let's keep this alive, the game just got a new DLC, someone at Obisidian must be checking the game for new bugs, who knows? Maybe this will be the day? Or perhaps not, still... just remembering that it's 2020 and all top gaming monitors are UltraWide so...
  2. oh, it's very simple, in some engines the view model has its own field of view, on others it's tied with the general FOV settings, take Obivion, for example, you change the FOV, you change your field of view and the view model as well, in this game they made the conscious decision to lock the view model FOV, this is not a new engine, this is Unreal, so there are options to lock or unlock that... Why in all that is holy they decided to continue locking that, I have no Idea... as I said before, right now all he can hope is that the fix this in the October Steam release but.. most likely not
  3. Is the support for this game dead? I guess all we can hope is for someone to fix it when the game launches on steam. Now, seriously, we just need someone to fix the viewmodel, that's it, just that, nothing else... yes, there are other issues but the viewmodel is the worse one.
  4. As someone who codes for a living the time that it's taking to resolve this issue is rather embarrassing for my profession, it's a simple aspect ratio fix, unless the engine is so deeply hard-coded to 16:9 that the steps to fix it are just not viable, it can happen, there are a lot of game engines that are just so poorly written that there is just no way to fix it. You have game engines that tied the physics to the frame-rate, you had that one Call of Duty that had the mouse sensitivity tied to the frame rate, heck, even iD Tech 3, the engine that powered Quake 3 had a bug where certain f
  5. + Give the option to disable chromatic aberration, it's just not an artistic interpretation, it's a severe issue for some people, it can induce disconfort and it's just boring and adds nothing to the game, + Better / More options for PC, type and level of Anti-Aliasing, UltraWide support (Fallout: New Vegas had 21:9 support, it's not something that just hit the market, how can you not have had tested this game on a UltraWide monitor in QA?), + Improve the dificulty, Hard is just too Easy, I know you had to in order for all specs to be viable but a Sniper Build can steamroll the game
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