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  1. Well please provide an avenue of support then, as every time you try to find some way of reporting bugs it indicates to come here! i have emailed directly and got no response. I really enjoyed playing this game until it broke, I cannot continue playing the game, do you understand? The fact there has been no updates for this game since launch is telling, either you are refusing to acknowledge the bugs as you promised a bug free game on launch or it’s just plain ignorance. Apologies for being abrupt, but the frustration of a lack of support from a fresh game is tiring. It’s a simp
  2. Look a developer has been in here...... Telling us all to go to the publisher instead...... budgetary limitations to fixes. Nice. No communication to the public for a proper support channel. Nice
  3. I’ve already replied to this thread but obsidian don’t like the fact that you want someone to publicly shame them by posting a video on how to fix their game...... they don’t even acknowledge the fact of the bug...... and not 1 single update since release...... someone’s Ego got in the way it seems.
  4. There is no point to this thread, all we should be reporting on is the bugs. No ones reading your suggestions in development. They don’t even acknowledge reported bugs and if you try to get someone who knows how to fix it to show it to them publicly, your post gets deleted!! a real shame I thought Obsidian were better than Bethesda..... I guess they are all one and alike. RIP
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