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  1. I LOVE Terra One's theme and the piano driven Groundbreaker theme. The main menu theme though, inspires adventure and is just otherworldly. (I resisted the pun urge.) I NEED the soundtrack. Hnnnng!
  2. No it's not. Are you sprinting everywhere and playing it like its Call of Duty? I can't find any reviewer that said the game was too short. Take in the sights. Hunt megas. Do all quests. Dont fast travel as much because you miss companions banter. Experiment with different builds on Supernova. Do a run where you must accept any flaw you get and beat the game. 2-3 playthroughs can easily get you 60-80 hours of gameplay unless you don't enjoy the games atmosphere and interactions, that is.
  3. I hope not. You don't deserve a refund. Gay people are a fact of existence and you won't play a game because they're in it? Grow the hell up dude.
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