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  1. This is happening to me as well. I have noticed that when the crash occurred, the cloud is syncing.
  2. Yes, Thank You! The evil that has befallen Bethsada had me depressed. I am a hardcore fallout fan that has lost ALL faith in Bethsada. After all the lies, and poor products, I feared that Fallout was dying. Then along came The Outer Worlds! You have sparked life back into my soul. I really appreciate a company that takes pride in their product. Obsidian has officially brought Bethsada to its knees. Well Done!!
  3. I would have liked it if SAM had a companion series of quests. He's a character that is hard to relate to, since he has no story.
  4. I'm trying to complete 2 different missions and have the same problem at both. The mission for restoring com array for ground breaker, and the mission to salvage the space station. In both cases, I come to a terminal that I need to access to continue the mission. I enter the pass code/command, the terminal does its thing, but I cant exit the terminal screen. There are options at the bottom of the screen, that I can mouse over, but they wont highlight or allow me to select them. The only way out, is to reload an older save.
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