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  1. +1 for this bug. The GamePass version always (silently) crashes for me on exit. I have a procmon log of all the Indiana* events on shutdown. Where do I send it to? Don't want to post it on the forum in case it contains some sensitive info about my system (username, config, ...)
  2. I'm afraid there's nothing they can do once the game is cracked and released. You can send takedown requests to individual torrent sites, but they're usually not really cooperative. The only thing we can do is spread the love and tell people the game is absolutely worth spending money on. Especially when the Game Pass is around.
  3. These are the issues I've encountered so far: Super Scoper 2000 bug: When zoomed in, you get a blank color. Found a fix here. No aim assist when playing on PC with a controller. This makes it very hard for less experienced gamers to enjoy the game.
  4. Ran into this bug earlier, and i solved it: A friend had come round to play, and she prefers her FOV on 70. I started playing again, and encountered this bug. Putting my FOV on 90 again fixed this.
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