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  1. i mean fallout 2 has a joke about getting a boner in power armour, are we really gonna say the humour in that game was any more subversive than the outer worlds? I mean yeah, it's very funny to talk to mike tyson in fo2. but the fact that suicide is a form of vandalism in the universe of the outer worlds is both terrifying and slightly hilarious.
  2. fetch quests are cool if they have an interesting twist, and the outer worlds' quests do imo.
  3. I dont think comparing the outer worlds to fallout is really apt at all, whether positively or negatively. these games have such drastically different design it's like comparing apples to oranges. the outer worlds is designed with a heavy focus on dialogue. the game presents you with a smaller cast of characters, but pretty much every one of them has purpose, and an interesting narrative. fallout gives you an incredibly wide set of people in comparison, and so instead of entering a town and having some really long and interesting conversations with several townsfolk, you'll have much shorter and maybe less interesting conversations, but there'll be a ton of unique and interesting people to speak to. it depends on whether you prefer something more narrative focused or something with more of a lean towards world building. personally I enjoy both. sometimes I like getting attached to the fewer but more complex characters in obsidian games; other times I quite like getting lost in a town enjoying the fun personalities of the many characters in bethesda games. outer worlds good though, 9/10
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