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  1. It's kind of you to reply, so thanks for that, but ... nothing to say about this technical issue? Not even a bug report link? Why would I spend money on this game (on any store) instead of another if it doesn't work, if I never got a response to a support email I sent 4 days ago? I am grateful for your response, but support from this company is disappointing.
  2. Happens on the microsoft gamepass version too, I don't know if the issue is only with epic cloud. I think it's an outer worlds technical issue. Sorry you had to lose all your stuff and I hope you can get a refund.
  3. Like many of you, been having issues with Outer Worlds from PC gamepass beta recently. I downloaded and installed without issue through the microsoft store, which from what I'm reading sounds like a minor miracle in itself. When I go to run it, the game launches correctly and leads me to the main menu, then prompts me to sign in to xbox live. Then something odd happens - my PC ethernet adapter gets disconnected and I lose internet access. Nothing I can do reverses this except restarting the PC. I've tried this 4-5 times, same results. Other games launched through microsoft xbox services on my PC work fine, and I can sign in normally to xbox live, so this is an Outer Worlds specific issue. I've spent 4+ hours total with MS support, tried everything including disabling other software, unblocking xbox ports in my router settings, editing win10 registry keys, uninstalling and re-installing microsoft xbox software on my PC. That's a lot of time spent on something that should work out of the box - anyone from Obsidian have anything to say about this before I get a refund? E: refunded the game. Can't expect customers to spend hours troubleshooting when there are so many other options available these days. Will avoid until steam release, maybe procure elsewhere
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