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  1. I haven't followed any updates on this project for a while. Is it nearing completion?

    Looks like it's the final stage. 1.0b11 build was recently released, which means only one (1.0b12) is left till the public release (build 1.0c1). Dashus is working now on fixing all the game serious (game-crashing) bugs that prevent the mod from being released



    They should probably just call it Team-Dashus at this point. Sad most the team has quit on him.


    I knew that Aurora left the team two years ago, but what about the others? Who's still working on the project apart from Dashus?

    Savvy30039 is still around, I'm pretty sure JdNoa and Tupac Amaru are also still working on squishing bugs. Beyond that, everyone else is gone, AFAIK.

  2. I wouldn't say you have to, but you may want to. The Intel 910/915 integrated graphics chipset is woefully underpowered and really not made for running any games (in fact, Intel discontinued it last month). With this game in particular it lacks the hardware T&L capability the game requires. It is supposedly possible to run the game at its lowest settings on that chipset, if you have applied the latest patch for the game and you are running the latest graphics chipset drivers from Intel (the ones provided with Windows lack the OpenGL functionality the game requires), but I have never heard of anyone having much success with that.


    Personally, I am strongly biased for Nvidia graphics cards. I have owned several over the years and never been disappointed by them. If you choose to get a new graphics card, you don't have to shell out the cash for a "latest and greatest" card to play the game, it will run really well on cards as old as the GeForce 4 or FX series, which are dirt cheap these days. If you intend to do any other gaming with more modern games, you may want to consider getting nothing older than the GeForce 7 series (7600GT or better) which still run around $100 or more.

  3. Just by way of example, when T-G first started working on TSLRP, one of the things no one knew how to do was how to get any custom animations into the game. Unfortunately, one of the convo scenes in the restored content required Atton to lean on a wall, for which no animation existed. A custom one was created and successfully imported into the mod. While that alone didn't take that long to really figure out, it was one of the many "learning as you go" moments during this mod's development.

  4. I would suspect that it might conflict but seeing as we do not know when TSLRP is going to be done I would suggest you go ahead and try 1.0c patch if you want to (although I'm not sure if this is the same patch that stole a bunch of fixes from other sites, if so I would not use it for that reason).

    Yup. It's by the same person.

    Not only is it the same old patch full of "stolen" work, it will definitely conflict with TSLRP when it is released.

  5. That "loophole" is not a very stable one. The only reason it is considered a loophole is because no one has tested it in court (yet). You are still violating the EULA on your Xbox by using it, even if some people claim it might be legal.


    The fact that it came from the same developer means nothing. Owning a copy of the Xbox version of the game does not entitle you to the PC version of the game. Technically, the patch code is only licensed to owners of the PC version, so if someone were to create a "patched" Xbox disk, they would be violating at the very least the EULA on the Xbox version. Additionally, you would either have to download a an ISO copy of the game to get the patch, which is straight up piracy; or you would have to use a patching utility of some kind, which would mean creating an illegal modification/copy of your game disk.


    The point is, even if someone had actually done that, given the potential legal issues with it, do you really think anyone would admit to it on the forums run by the game's developer?

  6. The mss32.dll replacement shouldn't make a difference on KotOR 1, it already has that version of the file. In fact, the KotOR 2 solution was originally discovered by copying that file from KotOR 1 into KotOR 2.


    Have you tried the other suggestions in those threads, like running as admin, changing the compatibility settings, etc.?


    Also, it might help if you could provide a translation of that error message. I believe it is one of those oh so uninformative "the application has stopped working" messages, but I'm not sure.

  7. The main problem with ATI hardware is the piss-poor OpenGL support in their drivers. Since OpenGL functionality is completely dependent on the drivers supporting it properly, it really doesn't matter what the hardware itself is supposed to be capable of when the drivers are lacking. However, it has been reported that the new Catalyst 9.4 drivers actually correct most of the problems with KotOR and ATI hardware, though I really have only seen that stated once. It would be nice to hear some confirmation of it.

  8. In related news, there is a new build out, but no change in Mantis.

    Mantis was updated some:



    The bug count/assignments are not being updated until the betas have a chance to go through 1.0b11, since there were significant changes made to certain sections of the mod that may completely invalidate some of those bug reports.

  9. None of those games have much more demanding graphics than KotOR 2, at best they are equal to KotOR 2 (Halo and Rep. Commando might be a little more demanding). The problem is still very likely is your graphics "card". It only just barely meets the game's minimum requirements, so you could try reducing all of the game's graphics settings as low as possible to see if it allows it to run. One thing you really should try is setting the resolution as low as 640X480. The pre-rendered cutscenes run at that resolution and some underpowered machines have trouble re-setting the resolution from that to whatever you might be trying to run the game at.


    BTW - In regards to a Vista "patch" for the game, it is really no longer supported (it is over 4 years old now), so you really shouldn't expect any official fixes from Obsidian or LucasArts.

  10. No. He's saying it'll be done when it's done and... that's it. "Two weeks" thing is a reference to a scene from a movie "Total Recall", Arnie keeps repeating "two weeks" thing over and over again, as Dashus the "When it's done" phrase. Here:


    At least that's how I think.

    I hope you aren't saying that because of my post on the TG forums. I was only joking about the Total Recall reference.

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