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  1. You need to download the Mss32.dll file as instructed in the Vista "how to". If the link provided in the post doesn't work, then just search FileFront for the file, it is very easy to find. Just make sure you get the one that is version, the game comes with version Yes, you need to get an older version of the file, the newer doesn't get along with Vista.

  2. Fine, I decided to reinstall the game. So I took off all of the files on my computer, and then started the installation. It was right in the middle of taking the files off of disk 3, and then I get a pop up saying ‘redundancy check’. The installation stops, and closes it self. What can be wrong?

    I get that all the time now with my second disk and I found it was due to a circular scratch all the way around the edge of the disk. Interestingly, the scratch was caused by the case for the the disk, which does not hold the disk level and allows it to spin freely, thereby scratching it. The third disk is held in the same manner, so you could be looking at something similar. I was able to get around it by buffing the scratch out a bit with a metal polishing cloth, then copying the contents of the disk to a directory on my hard drive. Whenever the install calls for the disk, I just point it at that directory instead of the actual disk and the install proceeds fine. I would recommend you try copying the contents of the disk locally yourself, then if the copy fails (Windows performs the same CRC check during the copy process), I would check the disk for damage and try fixing any you find. Be forewarned, you could completely destroy your disk attempting to remove any scratches you may find, so don't rush into it and be gentle with the polishing/buffing process.

  3. Methinks you doth protest too much. You seem way too desperate to defend the traditional MMO pricing scheme. Perhaps you are simply in denial over the excessive amount of money you have spent on MMOs and need to justify it to yourself. Frankly, anyone that gets that angry about a subject like this must have something more going on. Definitely would explain why you decided to resort to insults rather than address the legitimate points I raised. Ah well, I guess expecting a legitimate intelligent discussion on the subject was a bit too much on my part. Maybe next time.

  4. That video card is absolutely NOT alright. Not only is the ATI 128 family specifically listed as incompatible in the game's system requirements, it is only an 8MB card, while the game requires at minimum a 32MB video card. Sorry to say, but that machine is incapable of playing this game.

  5. Run a DirectX Diagnostic, it will give you all the pertinent information about the system's hardware. Simply click Start > Run > type "dxdiag" (without the quotes) > click OK. When the diagnostic finishes running, the system RAM will be listed on the System tab while the video card info can be found on the Display tab.

  6. They may be within their right to charge what they want, but the consumer is within their rights to tell them what they are willing to pay for the item produced. An equitable price is a compromise between the two; it is called the value of a product. Everyone seems to have completely forgotten that we as consumers never have to blindly accept what they (the publishers/developers) push on us, both in the quality and price of games. It is because of this sheep-like behavior that the gaming market is completely awash with piss-poor sequels, bad remakes, lame MMOs and incredibly overpriced games. It is not because the developers/publishers have done anything wrong, its because we let them do it every time we buy one of their over priced piss-poor sequels, bad remakes or lame MMOs.


    I never said I was unwilling or unable to pay for additional content, I'm just unwilling to pay a monthly fee for additional content, unless I am getting new content on a monthly basis. Since we all know that will never happen (nor could you seriously expect that), then I do have a problem with the value I would be getting out my hard-earned money spent on this game. Frankly, a monthly fee for any game is just ridiculous when you consider how much the initial purchase of game is. Sure, with a MMO there are additional costs like server maintenance, but it doesn't actually cost that much to run a server, certainly not the $10-$15 per subscriber per month that most monthly fee MMOs charge. So the extra money goes towards further game development... then why do I still have to buy major expansions expansions of the game? Didn't I already more than pay for those with my monthly fee? Of course to play that expansion, I still have to continue paying a monthly fee. Am I really the only one who feels that he is being ripped off in this situation?

  7. Interestingly enough every MMO that I've played has had Role-playing servers.

    Like I said, they may exist in some, perhaps even most MMOs, but there is absolutely no guarantee that such a thing will exist with TOR


    Yes there are idiots in MMOs but there are also ignore lists.

    Which are only effective after an idiot has already ruined your current gameplay experience and only really prevent their chat from bugging you, it does nothing to stop their actions.


    You are paying for continued updated content. Patches should be fairly regular adding more features and more things to do.

    That may have been true in the past, but with single-player games offering DLC, both paid and for free, the monthly fee model for "updated content" is looking way outdated and is an incredible ripoff.


    Its not a single-player game that's the point of MMO. You can play Solo, but there are lots of options for group activities too.

    I understand that single player is not the point, but someone needs to explain that to BioWare who are touting the "single player-ability" of this game as if it is a good thing for a MMO and a positive feature of this game.



    Screen shots/footage of the game is really old.... I'm pretty sure the game isn't even in Alpha Beta yet. Every game's graphics/engines are immensely different from final release. I've seen graphics updated greatly and some dumbed down to the point that you ask why they even did it.

    It is totally understood that the game will very likely change as it develops and it has already changed some with each new bit of gameplay footage and screenshot they release. But, IMO (key phrase there), it is not getting any better, it is only getting different.

  8. With the Academy one, if you run into it, the game will not progress any further and you will be stuck there. That is what makes it a dead end. It is very easy to cause, you just need to enter the Academy and immediately surrender your weapons when the Handmaidens confront you. Progress through the story bit, then you will be stuck at the cheat node.


    BTW - I get the impression that you think "cheat node" means that it is some kind of secret in the game (i.e. a "cheat" in the classic sense). This is not what it is. It is actually a leftover bit of debug code from the game's development. It should have been removed after the game was finished with the development/testing process, but it was not, hence why it leads to a complete dead end.

  9. @Albion72


    You are making some pretty big assumptions about this game and MMOs in general, like there are "always" role-playing servers. Admittedly, I have only played a few MMOs, none of which I liked, but also none of which have ever had role-playing servers (I might have liked them if they did). That concept may be unique to certain MMOs, but it is certainly not "always" available and there is absolutely no guarantee the TOR will have it at all.


    The negative opinion of MMOs has less to do with the quality of the game itself and more to do with the all the baggage being an MMO brings with it. The game itself could be great, but being a MMO means certain basic flaws must be present. We've already covered the fact that every douchebag on the internet is invited to play the game with me, whether I want to play with them or not. How about the monthly fee for a game I already bought? BioWare is touting the story of this game as if you could play it single player, despite the fact that it is a MMO. Why in the world would I sign up for and pay a monthly fee for a single player game? What about the mindless grinding? I don't want to spend weeks killing random gizka and wamp rats, just so I can level up enough to do the next part of the story. This, more than anything else, is what makes me hate MMOs with a passion. They get frustratingly boring, I start to think "Why the hell am I paying for this?" then some l33t player steals the loot from my latest kill. The next day, I cancel my account then spend weeks berating myself for wasting money on yet another pointless game.


    I hate to break it to you, but have you looked at any of the screenshots and artwork surrounding this game? It might as well be called Star Wars: World of Warcraft. Granted, some things have changed since the initial announcement, like the cartoonishly large lightsaber hilts, but this is already shaping up to be the WoW of the Star Wars universe. If they have SW fans doing the playtesting, from what I have seen so far, they are failing at their jobs miserably.

  10. Given the recent poll on KotORFiles ( link ), I'm fairly certain that the majority of KotOR fans are up for the MMO, even if I'm not. And the non-fan playerbase are far less picky about stuff like whether it's an MMO, TBH, and are for the most part of the "zOMG, KotOR II suxxx, it r 2 broked" camp.

    The question of whether or not you are excited about the upcoming game doesn't really address what people really want. I'd like to see a poll that asks the question, "Which would you prefer, KotOR 3 or the currently planned MMO?" I don't know if the results would be any different, but I'd like to think they would be.

  11. Indeed, OpenGL drivers are not separate from your video card drivers, they are part of it. Not to mention, the oldest drivers you can get for that particular card are already at least OpenGL 1.4 drivers. Looking at that output report, it is showing the current Nvidia driver version, but that driver should update the OpenGL drivers to 2.1.2. Additionally, any error during the installation of the game is a problem, regardless of the file it happened to be on when the error occurred.


    The first thing I would do is a complete uninstall/delete leftover files/reinstall/update of the game and try it again. If that doesn't fix the issue, uninstall/reinstall your Nvidia drivers.

  12. KotOR II is glitchy and buggy because the programmers refused to fix the great amount of errors on the game. I've come across a lot of this BS for this game, and I have to admit I've probably seen more crash windows than my total play time combined.

    Don't spread FUD. The "programmers" didn't refuse to do anything, LucasArts did.


    This is my first time playing Kotor 2, and I knew that it was buggy, but I had no idea how bad. After fighting the five handmaidens in the Telos Academy, Kreia and Bau-Dur, my two other party members at the time, completely stopped responding. They stay frozen in place and refuse to move, fight, or talk. Their portraits have disappeared in the corner of the screen, so I cannot switch to them. I thought maybe it would right itself if I changed zones, but they remain completely unresponsive on the Ebon Hawk, and if I use them in my party while on a planet.


    Also, when I try to duel Handmaiden, neither of us can lose. Both of our health bars deplete, but neither of us will fall and the only way to end the fight is to use force powers or weapons and break the rules.


    I was really enjoying this game, but then it completely self destructed after Telos, and is practically unplayable. Is there any way to fix these problems?

    I've never heard of this particular glitch and like Rycal, I've played through this game more times than I can count. Usually when the game does something odd like that, you need to re-load an old save from before it happened and try again. Since this seems to have occurred in the vicinity of the Telos Academy, I wonder: did you happen to encounter the "cheat node" glitch before this happened? If so, that might be the source of the problem. The only way to correct that is to re-load the save from just prior to entering the Academy, then when the Handmaidens confront you just inside the Academy, do not give up your weapons immediately. Instead, choose one of the other conversation options, then give up your weapons.

  13. That post has a link to the LucasForums website, which is not a LucasArts website. It is a LFNetwork website, which is just a fan site, not directly associated with LA in any way.


    Moderators are usually just forum members who are slightly more responsible than other forum members, they are not any kind of authority on the legality of anything. Besides, that thread was not started by a moderator, it was just stickied by one.


    I had forgotten about the "softmod" option on Xboxes. While not technically illegal, it does still void your warranty and can result in a permanent ban on Xbox Live.

  14. i need SP1 because i have been told that newer service packs are what are causing my kotor2 to freeze at the error after character creation thing. and yes, i have confirmed i have SP3. could anyone post a direct link to a place that allows downloads of SP1? preferably a page with a link to download said SP. i really want to play my kotor 2. :biggrin:

    Its not the service pack that is causing your problems, KotOR 2 runs perfectly fine on SP1, 2 and 3. Most likely its some other issue, perhaps hardware/drivers or additional software you have running in the background, like your anti-virus, firewall, IM programs, media players, etc.

  15. If Obsidian were to do that, it wouldn't be illegal, but in order for you to run modified content that wasn't created by official sources like Obsidian on your Xbox, you would need to install a mod chip, which is illegal (in most countries).

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