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  1. Unsure if this is exactly your issue, but I was trying to transfer stuff into the lockers on my ship and it didn't give me the option. It turns out the option to transfer to containers on your ship only appears once you've successfully powered it. I'm pretty sure you're meant to be able to stash things in other containers outside the ship, although I didn't try.
  2. Hi there, Apologies if this has been dealt with already but I haven't been able to find any info on this issue. My left & right click buttons semi-regularly become unresponsive for about 2 seconds. This has never happened in menu/inventory, and is mainly noticable during combat for obvious reasons, but I've also encountered it when trying to right-click aim randomly outside of combat. Note that the mouse still responds normally otherwise (able to look around). To be absolutely clear, it's not a single missed click, but a period in which no clicks seem to register. This has gotten me killed a couple of times and forced me to drop down from Supernova difficulty. It doesn't appear to be related to an FPS drop (I haven't had an FPS counter on but my frame rate has seemed very stable). Anyone else experienced this or have ideas for a solution?
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