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  1. I never released something creative myself to anyone really but i think that that every piece of this game that is not critizied about can be taken as a liked feature and considering the really massive size of this game i am very sure only a minor part of it is critizied at all in a negative way at least. And that is the biggest problem in my opinion. Mostly people only critizes what they dislike while stuff they do enjoy they simply accept without a comment. I am not different there. And if i tell the community and the devs about something positive at all, then only to introduce into a negative comment. Like You really made a great game here... if only there would not be this.. thing about...
  2. I disagree, its not necessary to have deep knowledge in a skill to have an opinion about it. Otherwise only cooks would be allowed to tell something tastes bad.
  3. As far as i know, the reputation doesnt matter much, its all about the flag on your mast. Even if the huana literally worship you with the highest reputation, if you put a principy flag on your mast, they attack you. And that makes perfect sense, how are they supposed to know you are allied if you but on a flag of criminals? Only way to really stick to your reputation is when you keep the default flag up.. i think. Every other flag overwrites your reputation.
  4. Edit : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zjQH_zREloS66A6vhyCcJpQG6L5BcfMA The savegame and my modlist. Far to late.. but i had to answer this.
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