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  1. Have you tried getting the pills in the way that the game expects you too. i.e. by going and talking to the lady that dispenses them, you get involved in a little dialogue that fleshes out the story a little. Stolen ones might register differently with the game.
  2. Refund then install the xbox gamepass app for PC and buy/download for free from there. It works fine.
  3. It works fine on my PC so it is definitely something unique to your PC configuration. It might be related to specific hardware / driver. Maybe you should post your specs to see if anyone else has the same problems with your configuration. I remember having similar bizarre problems once with several games and it needed a CLEAN install of windows to solve, not a refresh, as the pesky trojan/virus was very stealthy and persistent. Everything worked perfectly afterwards. A nuclear option but will probably fix your issue. Might be worth scanning your hardrive for errors as well it could be on the way out.
  4. Its only a £1 or 1$ on xbox game pass and works flawlessly. While not as good as steam its better than supporting Epic.
  5. Spend £2 / $2 on a two month subscription for xbox game pass on pc where it works without any issues.
  6. I had a similar error though cant remember if it was the exact same code. There was not enough space on my hard drive and fixed it by using treesize to delete old files to free up space. The xbox pc app installation pop up miscalculates free space and shows there being space available that isnt there.
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