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  1. this is my second issue with this game and there is no reply of anyone while every other bug, glitch, whatever gets at least a community manager if not even a dev to reply. thanks... ...not
  2. So, i didn't play for a day due to work. Now i reloaded my safe to continue and all light and heavy ammo is just gone. I am in the middle of monarch and did spend a lot of money before i went out there because this planet is full of beasts and now i am stuck in no man's land without ammo. Did that happen to anyone else? Did anyone find a solution to get back the ammo other than "just buy it all again"? I am playing on PC and bought through windows store, if that helps in any way
  3. Seemingly noone cared anyway but i would still like to let the devs know, it just works for now even after restarting the game and without forcing 3d clock always. Sorry, I don't know what changed, maybe some windows update I didn't notice?
  4. So now it just... works in borderless window. I don't know what changed. My guess is, it will not work again if i close it so i will now try to play a little with the time i got left.
  5. After i posted the temporary solution the game crashed on tabbing back in. Now the issue is back even with always 3D Clock on.
  6. I found a temporary solution until this gets hopefully patched: I noticed the GPU Core Clock and Memory Clock dropping to 2D values when moving the mouse. So i used ASUS GPU Tweak II and enabled "Awlays 3D Clock". It now lets me play without the issue.
  7. Hi everyone, i'll try to explain this: I can create a charatcer without any problem, the cutscenes run fine. Once i spawn in the game and am able to move i can walk without any problems. The moment i move the mouse to look around, the game freezes but unfreezes one i stop moving the mouse and displays my new view angle. So it kind of skips the "animation" of looking around. Impossible to play like that. Anyone had that and found a solution? Edit: I also noticed, that the GPU Usage drops to 0% upon moving the mouse. Game is currently unplayable for me. I also noticed, that the GPU Clock and Memory Clock drop to 2D values while moving the mouse. Playing via Windows App Store Basic System information: CPU: i7-3770 GPU: GTX1060 6GB RAM: 32GB DDR3 OS: Windows 10 64Bit The issue occurs in borderless window, windows and fullscreen DxDiag.txt
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