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Hi everyone, i'll try to explain this:

I can create a charatcer without any problem, the cutscenes run fine. Once i spawn in the game and am able to move i can walk without any problems. The moment i move the mouse to look around, the game freezes but unfreezes one i stop moving the mouse and displays my new view angle. So it kind of skips the "animation" of looking around. Impossible to play like that. Anyone had that and found a solution?



  • I also noticed, that the GPU Usage drops to 0% upon moving the mouse. Game is currently unplayable for me.
  • I also noticed, that the GPU Clock and Memory Clock drop to 2D values while moving the mouse.
  • Playing via Windows App Store
  • Basic System information:
    • CPU: i7-3770
    • GPU: GTX1060 6GB
    • RAM: 32GB DDR3
    • OS: Windows 10 64Bit
  • The issue occurs in borderless window, windows and fullscreen


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I found a temporary solution until this gets hopefully patched:


I noticed the GPU Core Clock and Memory Clock dropping to 2D values when moving the mouse. So i used ASUS GPU Tweak II and enabled "Awlays 3D Clock". It now lets me play without the issue.

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Seemingly noone cared anyway but i would still like to let the devs know, it just works for now even after restarting the game and without forcing 3d clock always. 


Sorry, I don't know what changed, maybe some windows update I didn't notice? 

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