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  1. Hail to Lord Avellone and all the "Sons of the Roleplay" here! My little contribute (sorry for my english guys): 0) The basic: "writing" from Lord Avellone! 1) Any kind of loreset is good if it's well detailed, but I prefer Fantasy set (without spending money for a licensed IP) 2) A new ruleset (based on something similar to SPECIAL but in a Fantasy set) 3) 3D world (not so big like TES or Amalur or New Vegas) with free roaming exploration (divided in great areas) 4) NO invisible walls! (It's possible to limit an area with an intelligent use of objets, textures, mountains, natural obstacles, pieces of ambient, and so on...) 5) Special interaction with some objects (like Ultima VII) and ambient (with possibility to open new secret ways using a specific skill or perk) 6) NON-linear world design AND dungeon design (using the special interaction, it's possible to create different secret ways for exploration with good feedback for the player) 7) A more "horizontal levelling" of our PG (with the introduction of some special perks or special interactions, it's possible to offer new special actions or moves without "powerplay" or "farming") 8 ) NO EUMATE, please! (give us original, variable and non-linear quests design) 9) Dinamic-Isometric Camera (a better - *better* - version of NWN2 and DS3 camera) 10) Party-based exploration and combat (not so much companions.....I think 4 in the party and 7 in total is a good compromise...all well caracterized and with unique skills/perks and unique personal quest line) 11) Strategic combat system with the use of tactical pause (possibility to set order to PG and companions), with a good number of combat animations, with a good IA pattern for enemy and Boss Fight, and with a lot of tactical variables to manage (resistence, defense, ambiental advantage/disvantage, and so on...) 12) Hardcore mode (need of food, water, rest, and healing of serious wounds [a wounded PG suffer penalties to Attributes/Skills] or diseases)...so we can't abuse of the Fast Travel... 13) Reputation system for Factions (like New Vegas with a more dinamic reactions to our actions) 14) Morality system for Party Companions (a mix between KOTOR2 and NWN2 MotB, with dinamic reactions to our actions and dialogues choices) 15) A LOT OF stats/skills/perks check in dialogues (I trust in Lord Avellone writing!) to offer a great number of approachs in quests solving (but without "[25%]" or "[75]" because we are intelligent enough to understand where is a check in a dialogue.....Planescape Torment rulez!!! :D ) 16) Classic branched dialogues (NO Alpha Protocol Timer, please!...and NO Mass Effect wheel!)....simple classic dialogues (without synthesis of the sentence that we will choose...we want the entire sentence...) 17) Multi-plot with "Choices & Conseguences" in short- and long-term (especially in the final of the game...I love the use of typical "static screens" and descriptions of the changes in the loreset)....but without spending money for Computer Graphic Cutscenes, please... 18) A basic stealth mode, based on enemy line of sight, light/darkness system and sounds (not so advanced but still nice)... 19) Funny mini-games 20) Morals dramas 21) Adults contents and some heavy-metaphysical-psychological thematics 22) Scripted cutscenes for a good and epic narration (camera change, different point of view, zoom, and so on...) 23) "Contextualised Fast Travel" (Teleport, Stone of Teleport, caravans, transport, and so on...) 24) NO GPS on the map, please! We are proud "Sons of the Old Roleplay"!!! :D This is it! :D *he puts aside 500 $ for Kickstarter!*
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