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  1. Got mine as well. When you redeem it, go back to your library and type in outer, it should give you the ability to install.
  2. That's where I am at, they said they were not going to charge until it was available, then they charged, and no key. Kinda weird and I don't feel comfortable. Everyone else gets to pre load and I get to question my choice of purchase... I get unhappier about it as the hours tick by.
  3. Unfortunately I had pre-ordered on privatedivision months ago hoping to support the devs more. If I knew then, what I know now, I would not have done so. I suppose I can just refund it and buy it on epic so that I am preloaded and can stream it day of, but still, WTH? Kinda cavalier with that response of 'it's a pre order, you get your key that day'. Sorta feels rude almost. I won't be doing that again.
  4. Any information when our preorders on the Private Division site will be available? I would like to predownload like everyone else on Epic, seeing as we are getting an Epic key anyways...
  5. Negative, only when they charged me and I clicked on the redemption instructions did it tell me it was going to be an Epic Key, but there was no key in the instructional information or on my account.
  6. I just recieved an email from Private Division verifying my pre order and giving me a redemption link. However, when I click the redemption link, I am brought to an instructions page to redeem on Epic launcher, but no Key is available? Will there be another email or is there an issue with the site? Has anyone else pre ordered with PD?
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