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  1. Hiya. :) Thanks for the welcome. ^^

  2. Sup, new "new chick". :)

  3. Played this game for 4-5 years now, even though I've always hated the gameplay itself. First 3-4 years I was part of a great RP community on Europe-Chimaera, but that mostly fizzled out due to drama, and I never felt that Starsider RP matched it (primarily because Starsider RP happens in Mos Eisley for the most part, which is where all the newbs start, so you have the huge problem of having to deal with idiots trying and failing to RP). The last 2 years I've spent on Starsider purely in the OOC sense doing space PvP. It's probably the only good game mechanics in SWG. It's not the same as
  4. Mainly wish that there was at least an option to play as a female character. It's pretty well acknowledged that there is a female gamer market these days so it's a shame when widely hyped games, as this will be, don't have the option for a female character. Never played Fable or The Witcher for the same reason. I was interested in the engine (always been a fan of Force Powers over the Lightsaber), but probably won't be getting it. Especially if it isn't released for the PC, consoles are too expensive and don't have enough good games anymore to be worth it. Would much prefer KotOR III (provided
  5. Problem with the places is that very few are actually good all the way through, and a lot of the ones that are bad have very powerful parts later on down the line. Unknown World sucked for the most part, but the confrontation with Bastila at the very end and then the reunion with the crew (especially when DS) are probably the best moments in K1 (at least for me), so I rate it as my favourite planet. Same issues with lots of other planets. I never liked the whole Khoonda and exploration of the underground Jedi ruins on Dantooine in K2, but the conversations with Vrook and the climax with E
  6. 1st: Kreia. Extremely deep, with great lines and a great voice actress. There's really not a whole lot that you can say. Even if you hate her, you can't just ignore her. The best characters are the ones who will leave an impact no matter if you ultimately like them or hate them, and that's how Kreia is. She made KotOR II what it is, and even with the cut content, I consider KotOR II better than I simply because of her and her relationship with the Exile. The game could have had only her as a supporting character and it would have been just as good. TBH, though, I don't feel the other main
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