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  1. Is anyone else having problems seeing my images? I followed the instructions posted by Serg back a ways in the thread and it worked fine for the first post, but my last two don't seem to have worked for some reason... Edit: Fixed!
  2. The first matter to attend to was to show a local strongarm that that kind of behaviour would not be tolerated. From there, a mother-to-be seemed to have a pressing concern which Elanna felt indebted to resolve. On the way to find Ranga, the trio managed to get slightly lost, and ended up helping cover up for a group of townsfolk down on their luck, being harassed by a bourgeoisie merchant. She hated to tell a lie, but couldn’t stand to see people run into the ground. The trio had no problems in completing Ranga’s requests and returned successfully to Aufra to give her the placebo potion. This time Elanna couldn’t abide a lie, even in good cause. Aufra took the news well and thanked them nonetheless. The trio then proceeded north to Valewood to investigate reports of some dangerous animal activity. It was here they discovered Nonton’s treachery. When confronted, the couple admitted all, and were thus granted redemption. The last small task remaining outstanding was the matter of a smith’s missing shipment somewhere on the road. Elanna and her friends managed to track it down to a bandit group in Black Meadow. Sneaking upon them in the dead of night the party judged them too dangerous to take head on, but vowed to return and mete out justice once they were able. It would have to be enough just to get the smith his supplies for now. Finally, feeling slightly more accomplished and worldly (and felling the good will of Gilded Vale on their side) Elanna and Eder decided it was time to pay homage to their god. Descending into the Temple of Eothas Elanna was aghast. The temple had been overrun by foul creatures and spirits. A man at the entrance claimed that the priests of the temple remained trapped below in need of a proper burial. The upper levels were cleared without incident and Elanna and her company proceeded to the lower levels with confidence. Such confidence soon proved to be unwarranted as the small band was accosted by a large group of spirits and oozes, and nearly met their demise. Eder was the first to fall, being laid low by a spirit with an icy touch who slowed his movement almost to a standstill. Aloth was the next to succumb when all attention was focused on him. It was only after making a tactical retreat that Elanna was able to finish off the monster piecemeal and revive her two new friends. In return for their sacrifices the party were rewarded with an artefact of Eothas himself, which Elanna looked forward to carrying into battle. Just as rewarding was collecting the defiled remains of her fellow priests and consecrating providing them with a proper burial, and hopefully a final rest.
  3. Welcome back Alesia! I'm glad to see there's still some activity here, I was beginning to think I was on my own. I am a bit behind on updates from where I would like to be, and I think my quality leaves a lot to be desired too; but, the only way to improve is to practice right? Should have another update out soon, and can't wait to see some more runs from the pros!
  4. Meet Elanna. Moon Godlike Priestess of Eothas Deadfire Slave Difficulty: POTD Maim before death: Off. Knockout injuries: On. Expert mode: Off. You’d be forgiven in thinking that being born in the Deadfire Archipelago would be the perfect start for one blessed by Ondra, but fate was to play out differently. Elanna was abandoned by superstitious parents and found herself sold off as a good luck charm to a pirate crew. It was here she spent all of her formative years, until by good fortune she found her chance to escape in a boarding-gone-wrong for her captors. Tasting the free air for the first time in her memory she devoted herself to the god of redemption. When she heard that the god himself had manifested, and supposedly been killed, she set out immediately to investigate the events unfolding in the Dyrwood. Elanna has fully embraced the teachings of Eothas, wishing to impart onto the world all of the kindness that she was not shown in her early life. She does, however, still bear the scars of that life, making her sometimes quick to anger when she sees would-be oppressors. Having survived the deadly biawic Elanna quickly made her way to the Gilded Vale to find a less than warm welcome. She found comfort in finding a fellow Eothosian, and agreed to try to help him in a search for answers that looked to mirror hers. Likewise Aloth seemed to be a fish out of water in this cold and inhospitable town, so together they set out to help who they could, and find what answers were there to be found. Out intrepid adventurer and her new friends.
  5. Hi all! I know it’s been a while since there’s been a lot of activity on the thread, but I’m keen to get involved if anyone is still around. As a bit of background I’ve been addicted to no reload play since I first started with it on X-COM. I’ve read through pretty much the whole thread with great interest, and appreciate all the stories and advice that have been shared. For myself I’ve just finished my first full play through of POE with a barbarian Watcher and had a blast. Kinda rushed through from the end of act 2, so there’s still a fair bit I haven’t seen. I’ve just started my first honest NR run, which I’ll post about shortly. Until then hello and good luck to all on their runs.
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