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  1. Ok guys i uploaded a Video on Youtube i hope you guys can see the stuttering, its only about 30 Seconds long.
  2. I experience the stuttering everywhere. When i'm on my ship, on the World Map (not as bad though) when i'm in a city. The Worst so far is on Fort Deadlight at certain places there its unplayable because i get a Monster Stutter every 3 seconds. I can't upload anything because it says "You are only allowed to upload 1,024kb" I have no idea what that means, i can only capture footage with the Nvidia overlay but i can't upload any of it. And i dont even now how thats supposed to help me...
  3. Really? Is there literally no possible way to fix the stuttering? So i basically bought a horrible optimized game, which the developers abonded because they dont care about us and just wanted to take our Money. Oh that sounds just great.... even games like Fallout 76 don't have this kind of technical problems. I'm so mad right now... i was looking everywhere for help and literally nobody cares. Nobody on Steam was able to help me (i dont even get any answers there) and apparently nobody here can help me... what am i supposed to do? I was really enyoying the game but these stuttering problems are ruining the game experience for me its unplayable right now.... I basically just threw my Money down to the toilet...
  4. i have huge stuttering problems with the game what can i do to fix it? I already made a question about it but nobody answers me. (sry if my english is not that good ^^) I have a I5-8400 Processor, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 (6GB) Graphic Card and 16GB RAM.
  5. Hello, my English isn't the best so i want to apologize if it's hard to understand what i'm saying ^^ someone on Steam suggested that i should look for help for my problem on the offical Obsidian Forums rather than Steam. I have a huge Stuttering problem with the Game and i feel like it's getting worse while i'm playing it. So i wanted to ask for help, in hope someone can help me and others who have the same problems with the Game. This really ruins the Game Experience for me, which is very sad because the Game itself is amazing are there any solutions to fix this stuttering? I have a I5-8400 Processor, a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 (6GB) Graphic Card and 16GB RAM, I can play more demanding games way smoother than this Game and i dont understand why i have these problems ... it's so frustrating should i change settings maybe? (Nvidia Panel Control and IN-Game?) I hope someone can help me to solve this problem.
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