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  1. Thanks for the info! I did indeed--only did a quick google search, so I probably made a hasty assumption while reading the documentation for one utility that both were possible. Unfortunately don't have easy access to a windows machine and the almost 40GB (!) of asset files is a bit prohibitive for using a public computer. Does your installer check for a full install or could I just copy the relevant bundle files? (Although I'd guess those would contain the bulk of it, anyway.) Could try a full install on a virtual machine, since I wouldn't need to worry about actually running the game (much less smoothly!) It's probably just time to finally clear the space to get a bootcamp partition up and running.
  2. Hi, beautiful work -- but wondering if you could explain what the executable installers are doing so I can try to replicate by hand (as I'm running the game on a mac)? Tried a workaround with Wine wrappers but having trouble with the installation--the Unity asset viewer crashes on opening every time. There are other Unity asset extractors with mac versions, though, which should, I believe, serve the same function? Thanks
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