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  1. So I used a Vicious Axe against a Zombie Giant and defeated it. Suddenly, I take *two* damage. The Axe only says it deals one. Has anyone else experienced this? I'll post with screenshots should it occur again.
  2. Actually, [AD1] Fiery Weapon lacks the Attack trait, but it only works on weapons. Still, I am inclined to agree with you: I was initially going to propose that the Splash-series cards gain similar text to Fiery Weapon, but decided against it after checking the FAQ of the print edition (which had no reference to such an issue) in case it was truly a bug.
  3. Just to confirm, you are connected to the Game Center, yes? If you are seeing the store, you most likely are, but it never hurts to check.
  4. To emphasize: one must complete the various adventures (all scenarios) on the Legendary difficulty to receive the associated loot cards.
  5. "Amulet of Mighty Fists" states (in part): 'You may not play a spell that has the ATTACK trait or a weapon on this check' The spells "Corrosive Splash" and "Shocking Splash" contain the following traits: MAGIC / ARCANE / DIVINE / ELEMENT Seeing as neither spell has the ATTACK trait, why does casting either negate the use of the Mighty Fists?
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