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  1. That can't be accurate. Three reasons: 1. Loot cards in every other scenario are received upon first completion; 2. Loot cards are listed in the same category as 250 gold, which I received; and 3. The reward for completing a fighter's tale is listed to be 5,000 gold. Unless the in game description is inaccurate, which may well be the case, the loot rewards should be received upon first completion.
  2. I have completed the Valeros storyline this week and did not receive the Loot Cards. Playing on Mac 10.14.4 unknown33429 #3140 PFID: F28D70F98489DE8A Party members : Valeros (armored), lem (leuitenant), Erzen (scholar), Lini (wild), harsk (forest) Activated runes: rune of wealth Only received two treasure chests and 250 gold each time. checked the unclaimed bar but nothing. Thanks in advance.
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