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Bug Report: Fighter's Tale: Valeros - Loot cards issue



I have completed the Valeros storyline this week and did not receive the Loot Cards.


Playing on Mac 10.14.4

unknown33429 #3140

PFID: F28D70F98489DE8A

Party members : Valeros (armored), lem (leuitenant), Erzen (scholar), Lini (wild), harsk (forest)


Activated  runes: rune of wealth


Only received two treasure chests and 250 gold each time. checked the unclaimed bar but nothing.


Thanks in advance.

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On 5/13/2019 at 11:17 AM, Giomancer said:

To emphasize: one must complete the various adventures (all scenarios) on the Legendary difficulty to receive the associated loot cards.

That can't be accurate. Three reasons:

1. Loot cards in every other scenario are received upon first completion;

2. Loot cards are listed in the same category as 250 gold, which I received; and

3. The reward for completing a fighter's tale is listed to be 5,000 gold.

Unless the in game description is inaccurate, which may well be the case, the loot rewards should be received upon first completion. 

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There's something about the rewards in this scenario are displayed and awarded which are a little bugged.

After completing any of the five Valeros scenarios on Legendary, the endgame window will show you that you have been granted one of the reward cards.  It should look something like this:

Unlike other rewards or treasure cards, you probably will not receive a copy in your Stash or Unclaimed loot.  It only exists invisibly on your profile.
The rewarded card will be on your account, even if it cannot be seen in the collection.

However, all the Valeros cards have a unique Owner trait.  If Valeros ever banishes a card during a scenario and has to repair his deck post-game, he will always have those Owner cards available to him.

For whatever reason, the way the Adventure appears to work is:
- 250 Gold when completing any scenario on normal
- Unique Valeros card added to account after completing the scenario on legendary
- 5000 gold after completing all scenarios on legendary

Probably the easiest way to gain the Valeros cards after you have earned them on Legendary is to play a scenario with the Village House location (like Valeros: An Eye for an Eye).  Let Valeros burn through the location solo while trying to avoid acquiring new cards.  As he closes the location, Banish an Item, Ally, Weapon, or Armor and forfeit the scenario.  It'll prompt the deck repair screen, and Valeros should be able to access the reward cards from his Adventure Deck (assuming your stash is empty).

You can always contact support@obsidian.net and they'll hook you up.  But if you ever need to reacquire one of the Valeros cards, the above Banish trick should work.

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