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  1. Pretty good, mostly just going to class, working, and hanging out with my girlfriend- same one that tore me away from rogue dao by the ****. You chat on MSN at all anymore hombre?

  2. Hey man, I wrote you what ended up pretty much being a love letter. I'm good. How's the new job going?

  3. Sup Leg how's it going dude

  4. IT'S OKAY, I UNDERSTAND IF YOU SKIMMED MY MESSAGE... GUY. I know about private messaging. I just choose not to use it. But thanks for the welcome. Cheers. Man, in the old days Monty didn't even sleep while he worked on Purgatorio, he just smoked a cigarette and started working again. I think clocking in has made him soft. BUT HERE I AM, 5:30 AM AND HE'S NOT HERE. It's only 3am in California. WEAK Lys, WEAK!
  5. I like that, and I think it's similar to what the Giants did with Madison and McQuarters. Bring in some well-traveled vets, that can still play but are past their prime (and thus not demanding of ridiculous money) and then get the young guys to try to beat them out of a job, rather than just decide the position is filled. It seems to make the young guys and the old guys alike play better. And thats good news for my New York Football Giants. I'd like to see them either get this linebacker from Penn State, or move up to try to get one of the stud, can't miss Tackles that this draft seems to
  6. First of all, nearly all of those shows have been canceled in the US, most of them several years ago. So, uh. Right. Second of all, if anyone's getting upset about opinions on a message board, the off topic message board no less, then they're as stupid as whatever moronic opinions are upsetting them. Talk is cheap. Enjoy it or ignore it, it shouldn't be a big deal. Your, views are your problem, just as my views are my problem. PS. America roolz.
  7. Monty! Congratulations on your new position! Very proud of you hombre. I'm not sorry for reviving an old thread either. I'm allowed. It didn't say anything about it in the user agreement. I finally reinstalled MSN and your name was notably absent from the ranks, and I was all like "Oh no he didn't, he best not be all up and vanished for a year again. I best not be having to (contact/threaten) (old employers/old ladies) to find him again" and then it was just like, oh he got a job with Obsidian like three months ago, and it was just like, oh damn, the kid finally made it to the big time, or
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