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  1. Gah, that's a shame. Spent a while looking for Una, but it looks like she's not supposed to be there. thanks for the heads up that The Final Maneuver despawns her
  2. I'm still trying to figure out how to do this with Eder's pipe smoking. It doesn't appear to be strictly the pose itself, I've tried enabling that, and while my character does the same hand-on-the-hip pose, I never saw him actually start to smoke a pipe even after 20+ minutes. I'm thinking maybe it's tied to the PersonalityID and the AnimationAudioEventListID? I've tried copying those over to Player_New_Game (of course, along with the PropsID to actually get the pipe in the there, like OP suggested with Aloth's grimoire), but I'm still not seeing the character animation after sitting around for another 20+ minutes with Eder on the beach. Haven't tried both of those in combination with the pose though, that's gonna be my next shot, but I'm not exactly hopeful. I know this is a thread about Aloth's poses, but has anyone been able to get Eder's pipe smoking successfully mapped to the player character? **edit** Despite my negative attitude when I wrote this earlier, it looks like Eder's pipe smoking idle animation is indeed a combination of those 4 different parts: AvailableInCharacterCreation PersonalityID AnimationAudioEventListID PropsID You have to set the first one from 'false' to 'true' just like the original post suggests, but that alone won't proc the smoking animation. Copying over the other three from Eder's line into the Player_New_Game line, and starting a new game got me the pipe animation though! Very excite. For convenience, if anyone in a similar boat as me stumbles upon this post, here's the exact values I used: <on the Companion_Eder_Personality line> "AvailableInCharacterCreation":"true" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <on the Player_New_Game line> "PersonalityID":"414cb4f8-afb6-44da-9976-b6934922e00e" "AnimationAudioEventListID":"5030c1d9-d4a6-4dd2-973e-f5b41ec9a183" "PropsIDs":["edbf0224-832f-419f-901a-81e20814f66d"]}]} Enjoy having your character puff along with Eder, and toke on everyone!
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