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  1. Hi again, Sorry to post again about this issue, but similar to Suppress Affliction, the paladin's Liberating Exhortation does not appear to remove afflictions for its duration either. It too lengthens pre-existing CC. I'm sure you guys probably know this already but thought I'd just pop a quick message! Thanks so much for the swift response!
  2. Dear developers, Firstly thank you for helping make such a wonderful game which I have had so much fun with! But I just wanted to make all aware of a bug with the Suppress Affliction spell. My understanding is that this spell should suppress any affliction in an AoE for its duration. However, in my case this does not seem to work at all. In fact, what happens is that the suppress affliction LENGTHENS the duration of any preexisting CC. Luckily I managed to record this on a recent stream: https://clips.twitch.tv/RealGleamingSalmonJonCarnage Here is a link to my savegame f
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