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  1. Why i cant dive into this area for quest item, during quest? I dont have even marker on interaction here, when markers are on, why?
  2. In Witcher 3 is % of used weapons and armors and i think it usage is connected to combat/when u actually use it, nothing more. Here could be the same, weapons and armours using during combat only. Life bar on food, could start when u pick up some to your inventory and get lower when time passes after it. And with that we could use some kind of fridge on the ship to keep this food good for longer
  3. And it would be very usefull if there was a timer on food, days and hours left untill it spoil.
  4. What do i have to do with spoiled food? Can i throw this out or use it for something? Im asking because im getting more and more of this stuff and it's stinks. A cannot do anything else. I can use food only when im resting, during camp.
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