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  1. Here's a screenshot of me battling the Guardian of Ukaizo. My character is stuck on "Waiting" and I can't finish the turn no matter what I do. Please, help.
  2. I got the Boar's helmet (Survivor's Tusk) from the Crucible DLC, but when my character got downed in combat and resurrected next round, the healing didn't go through, even though the wound was removed as per description. Which is more, none of the rest of healing effects worked on me, as well - I tried Xoti's healing spells and my own character's Second Wind. I don't know if it's a bug or something else that I'm missing. Here's my save file just in case - immediately after I finished a fight where the helmet didn't heal me: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fhn3zhqSWNJdmBdHEcqqd8XNe8KSaEdL
  3. To provide some evidence, here're the save files with my party standing next to the supposed location of the spirit: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12wZzoq3-WzzQt71eSz3_ci8b2igdgR70 And here's the view of the location itself - at least according to the guides I found on the Internet. I searched the entire map carefully, and there's nothing resembling the final NPC anywhere to be found:
  4. So, it seems like this bug has never been resolved? I can't find the fourth fragment, as well.
  5. Alright, thanks for the comment. I thought it might have something to do with the choice regarding the soul, but was confused by the journal entry that didn't update to reflect Waidwen's fate and my choice. No further questions, then.
  6. I finished the subquest "Bridge Ablaze" by defusing the bomb under the bridge, talking to Waidwen and taking his soul with me. After I left the location through the starting portal, the paladin girl in the "hub" area approached me and made a comment about "an ember clinging to my cloak", thus recognising that I have contacted Waidwen. However, Waidwen didn't show up in the final fight against the dragon, I also don't see him in the hub area after defeating the dragon. He also disappeared from his original location at the Burning Bridge itself (where he stands in front of the soldiers moments before the explosion), and I can't do anything new in terms of interactions with his blown-up and torn body when I use his medallion on the pools of light. The quest progress in the journal is stuck on this entry:
  7. To add to that, the same thing happens in the Skeleton Crew fight - on the fifth wave I lose control of my characters and die.
  8. I made a similar post on Steam forums but want to duplicate it here just in case. In the Survivor's questline where you have to fend off waves of golems in the "Animancer's folly" fight, as soon as the first wave is killed and the second one appears, none of my characters except the summoned creatures gain any turns during the combat - so all there's left to do is look as the golems decimate my entire party without having a chance to retaliate. Only the creatures that I summoned beforehand, such as a Phantom, get a chance to take a turn - but none of my main characters. Same thing happens in the other two Endurance trial that I tried, namely the skeleton and gul fights.
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