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  1. It is possible to do at least some of what you mentioned. You will need to create a .globalvariables file and make some new variables, e.g., b_SendExpeditionAvailable. Then you need to create a .globalscripts file. The globalscript (and expression if you want to use that) will evaluate whether it is possible to send expedition based on ship availability, money available, b_SendExpeditionAvailable = 0 or 1. If 0, then it sets it to 1, deducts the money, and then you use "CallGlobalScriptAfter..." ...30 days or whatever, calling another globalscript that will generate a lootlist containing the items you want into a container of your choice or party stash, reset the variable to 0 (to allow the first globalscript to be available again), and also generate a popup for the player saying the expedition is complete. If you send a party member, there is a script that will set their status to "away" (and you would reset their status on the second script that is called after n days). To avoid repeats, you make global variables for each possible loot reward, and in the lootlist object for rewards, you set individual conditionals that prevent them from being outputted if they are 1, while using dataeventscript component on the item object itself to set the variable to 1 on recieved. This part is definitely possible to do (except for disabling the ship, I am not sure that is possible short of removing the ship- not sure if this is possible either). Implementing it in dialogue and choosing the party member to send is the part I am not sure about. I think it should be possible to write in new dialogue but the conversation bundles are super tedious to figure out that I personally wouldn't want to touch them myself. It also seems that unlike the other files you can't partial overwrite or make insertions into conversation bundles either, the entire thing has to be overwritten so it is "risky" to mod them since future patches might incl. changes in those files.
  2. Sorry man, I was sleepy when I posted that so I completely forgot to post the itemmods. https://pastebin.com/6qjNrwPz - itemmods.gamedatabundle It should all be there + possibly a few artifacts from other stuff I still haven't figured out (Berzerkers Belt and Boots of Zealous Command don't work). Voice of the Mountaintop gives 50% (for testing purposes- should be 20%, but then again, 20% of area of circle is very minimal so 50% should still be okay). Needless to say you can change it to whatever. The focus increase for Mindmarker Amulet works for both traditional ciphers and psions by using two diff. status effects which are selectively applied (this should be a good buff to psions). The Cloak of Many Feathers btw, will only work if players have SSS installed since it uses the prefab for one of the capes in that DLC. It took me a few weeks to get them all in.
  3. Hey, great work! I am surprised that no one else had done this already. If the OP or anyone else is interested, I already have most of the accessories from the original game completed so you can just take my code and use them in your own mod to save yourself the work. I'm hesitant to release them myself at the moment because it is part of a bigger mod I'm working on including enchanting, crafting, Durgan reinforcement, POE1 spells/abilities including Scale-Breaker, Watcher abilities, greater reactivity, etc. so I'm holding out but seeing as others are doing this already I might as well give these out so save people the effort. https://pastebin.com/eV2U0A6V - items.gamedatabundle https://pastebin.com/q6Fs84gX - abilities.gamedatabundle https://pastebin.com/5RcypSjr - attacks.gamedatabundle https://pastebin.com/r1411hRX - statuseffects.gamedatabundle (part 1) https://pastebin.com/J9BrCYnB - statuseffects.gamedatabundle (part 2) (Exceeded limit for paste so seperated them into two parts, they are one file.) The images I am using come from someone who uploaded the original icons on NexusMods so if you download those it will be compatible. Note that most of the accessories that have itemmods modifying attributes and armor should probably be rebalanced to fit the current game since the max ranges has been reduced. This is something I haven't done yet so atm they are pretty overpowered. Also, Viettro's Footwear generates the "Spirits" item that isn't included in what I uploaded.
  4. Thankyou for the clarification. I'll keep using the ModHookScripts in that case. And yeah, I am calling the GlobalScripts with ModHookScripts and using a called GlobalScript to call other GlobalScripts where necessary.
  5. Hello this is my first post here. I've been modding this game for over a month now, mostly bumbling my way through it, looking through the exported files for examples of how things are implemented, and reading the few tutorials here. The mod I'm doing has kind of turned out to become a massive overhaul of the game sort of mod and I have (estimated) over a hundred scripts in it for all sorts of things. I started out using ModHookScript because it is so simple to implement using IsInActiveScene condition but I had to include a few GlobalScriptCalls to get around looping and timing limitations. Still, 99% of my scripts are ModHookScript because they are so easy and accessible to write. The problem now is, I'm wondering if using and relying on all these ModHookScripts to do the bulk of the script work will have a negative impact on game performance or if they are efficient at all if GlobalScriptCall can do the same thing without the game constantly running them each time a scene is entered. Basically I'm not sure if a ModHookScript is still brought up and runned anyway, even if it had succeeded already, and will not succeed again, on entering a scene given "RunOnlyOnce" = false and "SucceedOnlyOnce" = true. If this is the case, then it seems like a waste of resources and a potential drag on game performance if I have dozens of "succeeded" scripts (that won't and shouldn't succeed again) still running each time the player transitions to a scene with ModHookScripts in it. If my fear is correct then it seems like I need to change course and go with using only a few ModHookScripts that call GlobalScripts, where the bulk of the data is. In my testing it is hard to tell if performance is impacted because I didn't think to or know to consider this aspect at the start. The game is running okay for me in testing but I'm afraid that other players playing with the mod will experience things like crashing if their computer can't handle it.
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