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  1. I found that if only one char is selected (or if you only got one char obviously), the bug does not occur, but it happen as soon as you move at least 2 character. And most important detail, it happen in real time game, despite a reinstall and new game (in real time).
  2. I have the same problem as original poster. I tried to delete the game, and reinstall it, bug persist. I tried a fresh new game, and it persist. So i don't know if it is an intentional change, but i hate it, sneaking is so "benny hill" feeling, and when selecting only one char, it doesn't speed up, so now, my scout, who scout alone, is slow while scouting, and the rest of my group, who follow 10m behind, is much faster than my scout and go ahead of it, when moving simultaneously. Any help available?
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