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  1. Yea the plan was to get out, sell off and do something else. This mod ending up working, but for the transition to lvl 1. When I tried to go out to the courtyard the game now had the load screen overlay stuck (could hear UI noises when hitting keys) -- anyway creating a new save on lvl 1 then transitioning let me get out to the courtyard. After making it back to an inn I saved and dumped the mod. I appreciate the help.
  2. Thanks to the thread, I tried this mod and it also worked for me! I was saved in the chapel area and had previously been unable to exit outside via the Upper Ramparts or Siege Platform but once I used the mod and turned "Autosave Prior to Transition" on, I was able to exit and enter again through both doors without any error. This definitely works! I am having trouble getting that site to load :/
  3. I am on 64bit Win7 and get the crash (screen goes black forever) when transitioning from the Hold Santuary down to Level 1. I confirmed that by removing AR_0708_Hold_Int_01.* from the save makes it work again but I won't be using that workaround. I get the "ArgumentException: An element with the same key already exists in the dictionary." error in output_log.txt which I have seen reported before --perhaps the recent submissions also have this same error?
  4. As opposed to having the game speed setting apply globally has it been considered to have the option to only apply to combat? Simply put, the game runs @ normal speed until combat then it switches to half speed as an example. I've preordered the game (GMG), but I only get to watch beta videos so I can't be sure if there is something already in place.
  5. It looks like a nice keyboard. I was just looking at it and noticed they have put a glossy finish on it. I bet it's a fingerprint magnet. I dunno what the big craze is about that finish though. It's already hard enough to find a LCD monitor or LCD TV without it
  6. Some time ago, my guess is 2 or so years now, I went through 4 different 22" inch LCD models before I realized they were all destined to be the same 160/160 5ms TN panel. I learned that I was never going to find what I wanted in that size. Color reproduction was never a problem for me, though. It was always the viewing angles and the frosty look the matte coatings create. I think matte can also jack up the contrast too. Those last two statements should annoy some folk, since they love their matte screens and hate glossy . I finally settled on a 20" NEC 20wmgx2 which turned out to be well worth the extra dough. I know some day I'll be needing to buy again. I remain prepared for another pain in the ass trying to find a glossy coated screen of the MVA/PVA, IPS variety that's still affordable. I've tried out what I call the 2nd generation 5ms TN panel which has the 170/160 viewing angles and they actually got better, but still not good enough. Congrats to the OP for being able to make such a complicated decision so quickly
  7. You can always research the wattage needs either manually or using an online PSU calculator. You can't go wrong with a deal like this though: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817139005
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