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  1. I would be curious if it would make the game sells more of copies. But this is what is wrong in gaming industry - all the agencies of people saying how games should be according to them, while they do all they can to destroy it for others - like saying how it would be worse shooter or how expensive it would be. This game is not a good shooter anyway, never could have been, so it could be atleast accessable to players who were the target audience of such game. And it could be expensive before they got funded by Microsoft, but now... But even before it would still be possible with DLC - if
  2. I don't know how much important it will be in this game - if it will not be open world, but generally it is important for RPG players to have 3rd person - not only because of sickness or like in my case - I have FOV 180, so telling me I should be immersed in FTP is like running around with a helmet half blind feeling "immersed", but also - first person is for players who play themselves, but 3rd person is for players who play someone else and by seeing their avatar running around they can roleplay that character better - they are immersed in that character or something. Also players can be
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