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  1. look here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/107099-how-about-croudfinding-to-each-stated-language-voice-localisation/ in Steam you can see languages. announced only English voice.
  2. Hello guys! The Outer Worlds will have not Russian voice localisation! But i wanna play The Outer Worlds with voice Russian localisation. Same about french, italian, german, spanish, japanese, korean, polish, portuguese. Im understand about voice localisation <> game budget <> sales risk. May be we should open a croudfinding about voice localisation The Outer Worlds in Russian with quality and actors like in The Witcher 3? In Russian community opinion Witcher 3 have a one of the best voice and text localisation on many last years. For us it is a common discomfort to play games without voice in our language. Games with voice localisation in Russian language are very rare, and we are also grateful to the developers who do this. It seems to me that there is enough time before the release to conduct crowdfunding and make full localization into languages for which crowdfunding has successfully completed in time. and i'm sure your fans will gladly help you get the funds to localisation. I think that announcement croudfinding will cause a positive response from the audience, if you are honestly declare like that "hey guys, we thought here, we dont have a budget for voice localization into other languages, but if you are ready to fund it, we will do voice localisations for you!" it will be honest and caring towards the players and your fans. So may be initiate croudfinding about voice localisation on every language you are states to translation? what do you are think about it? P.S. Your trailer on Games Awards was a great wonderful 'slap to face' to Besethda! Thanks for your hard work and humor trough years! Best Regards!
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