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  1. Eh what u on bruv? U saying diablo 3 is a sequel to deadfire? Like what. I'm saying you can't comment on the entire story if you haven't finished it. Pretty simple and basic premise. Well it's a good thing I am not comparing the merits of each story, and just merely pointing out what is there to gained by doing exactly that for different stories that try to do completely different narrative things. I don't need to finish eating an apple to question why someone would compare it to an orange Also, I would agree that both games are combat heavy too, but that has nothing to do with how t
  2. I haven't finished the game, but don't know how much you can criticize a story for being loose when, well, it is designed to be that way. It may not be what you expect or want, but that's a whole another discussion
  3. Is there supposed to be major patch release after Sanctum? Or are you just referring to a final bug patch? I think he is referring to the continued patching. Though PoE2 patch/dlc process has been faster, so who knows when it will be the close-to-final build
  4. The original save file is gone but it's easily reproducible. here are saves for another run with the same bug; https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nhbH2LqR-NpvkrLzUbV-WNRBZaMYhPeX
  5. Hey, while trying different builds, I had a bug when trying to cast priest spells during spritshifting; the charater just stops - even the idle animation - and stands frozen with the circular action bar filled, not doing anything. Wael/lifegiver; it happens when holy radiance or arcane veil is cast while in stag form. Latest update. Edit: Honestly, a pretty good typo.
  6. They kinda have to keep in mind less completionist people too, though, people who might a more limited timeframe that should still enjoy the progression system. They're not making the game entirely for the completionist crowd. So hitting the cap around %65-70 of ALL content without the dlc seems pretty fair tbh.
  7. Did anyone try a celebrant? Maybe a Skald or Beckoner (apparently they were nerfed, but the idea of 6 little skeleton army makes me gigle) Lifegiver/wael also seems interesting. Just get the buffs from Priest side coupled with heals and a solid spritshift from the Druid side. Also VERY intruguing. And I have to say some of your old posts about priests in PoE1 is what made me start(and continue) with a priest mc from the first game, so you are partially responsible for my dillema right now Gromnir : D
  8. I did see your umezawa guide, pretty good stuff! And honestly if I wasn't feeling extra experimental for some reason, I would have gone with a similiar streetfighter build a while ago. Now, THIS is what I had in mind initially, a wael/conjurer (wael being making up the lost illus.) for melee-ish multi with conjured weapons; but, well, kinda fell apart for obvious reasons. Still okay though, if someone wants to go for a priest/wizard flavored RP run.
  9. Hello everyone! I wanted to make Wael Priest multi character, but as it is with Rpgs, cannot, for the life of me, decide on a second class. Been lurking around the forum in the last day or so trying to make up my mind, but decided to just ask: What are some cool and fun multiclasses I can go with?
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