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  1. @Jaheiras_Witness: I didn't have Shields for the Faithful since my priest was level 7 and everyone else was level 8, but I used multiple Scrolls of Defense to keep our saving throws high. No dragon food; it seemed too expensive (even though I could have afforded it). I did have good shields for our fighter, priest, and druid, plus the shield talent for extra deflection bonuses, but I could probably also tack on some damage reduction against fire attacks, just to buy use a little more health to survive the opening fire spell. On an unrelated note, wouldn't Perception be the most important s
  2. Done! My wizard, Gray Sidoh, just beat the main questline. Too bad I died like ten times in the process. Maybe the next run will be better. By the endgame, the party was decently optimized, I had adjusted to the new gameplay, and I had learned how to time my pauses and search through the dialog box to find key information about probabilities (I liked seeing that the judge in the final battle had low Reflex while the executioner had low Reflex and Will, which made conceptual sense). The opening fire spell at the start of the final battle was alarming, but the huge area and the numerous new
  3. I'm not sure I'm big on side quests in PoE, either, at least not in their normal order. On multiple occasions, I've found that it's better to progress in the main quest to gain XP and get strong enough to tackle side quests, rather than the other way around (as it is in most games). PoE is perfectly willing to throw huge optional challenges at you (Od Nua is multiple levels of crazy towards the bottom), and revisiting previous areas to tie up loose ends appears to be the safer bet. I did Raedric's hold at level 7 or 8 and it was the easiest quest in the game just because our numbers were so un
  4. I just died a couple times to the Sky Dragon. The first time, it was because I didn't know it was there and failed to placate it via dialogue; the second time, it was because I placated it, but then attacked it because I didn't see anything in my journal that suggested that placating it actually satisfied the quest requirement. When I looked it up, I realized I could indeed spare it. Eder had an item that granted +50 defense while prone, so he made a spectacular tank even though he got stun-locked constantly, but mismanaging our spells meant that we didn't have the resources to keep our accura
  5. How important do you all think it is to work with per-encounter abilities? While I like having lots of camping supplies and I hesitate to use limited resources like per-rest abilities and expendables, it doesn't actually seem optimal from a no-reload perspective. It only takes a few moments to leave a dungeon and rest at an inn, and traveling long distances doesn't seem to result in fatigue penalties, which means you can get more uses out of per-rest abilities without worrying about having enough camping supplies. Stinginess with resources is the bane of no-reload runs, but I keep finding
  6. I actually dipped into non-D&D territory in my other no-reloads after BG lost some of its magic for me. I did no-reload runs for Morrowind, Oblivion with OOO (including a max difficulty run), Skyrim with SkyRe (including a max difficulty run), and even a low-grinding Dragon Warrior Monsters run. Morrowind was simple to break, while Oblivion required some art, Skyrim required grinding, and DWM involved number crunching and spreadsheets. Fun stuff, but gameplay wasn't as complex as it is with BG and PoE, so that only lasted so long. Some of the Oblivion runs were particularly hilarious.
  7. I see so many items I don't recognize, and I didn't even realize there were many weapons and shields that could grant immunities. There's a lot of technical know-how I still don't have. It's good to see that @Alesia_BH is still spotting some aura-independent defensive options despite PoE locking up equipment shuffling and banning most pre-buffs! I just got out of the cutscene at the Ducal Palace and I'm starting to get more into the plot. I barely knew what the story was even about until after I got to Defiance Bay, and now things are getting really interesting. I don't suppose there's a w
  8. I think I see the issue. In Baldur's Gate, disablers needed to be long-lasting to make an impact because you could only use so many of them. In PoE, disablers are short-lasting, but they can be used much more often. I've noticed that stun effects tend to turn the tide of battle, so I can see why Fortitude matters so much. It looks hard to maximize Fortitude, though--I don't see as many options to increase it as there are to increase Deflection, and both appear to be percentile rolls. If you're rolling a d100 in both cases, a +10 bonus to Fortitude isn't as meaningful as a +25 bonus to Deflecti
  9. I've gotten the impression that Accuracy, Deflection, and Endurance were the primary factors in combat; I hadn't thought about the roles played by saving throws (I know they're not "saving throws," but they're called Fortitude, Reflex, and Will). In Baldur's Gate, disablers often lasted for 10 rounds, longer than most fights, which meant they were instant game-enders in many cases. I thought that since stun effects and so forth only lasted a few seconds in PoE, by contrast, they could generally be ridden out. How important are Fortitude, Reflex, and Will in PoE?
  10. I'm still pretty early in the game, and it'll be a while before I'll be able to start my first no-reload run. I notice that you can create custom party members at the first inn--it seems expensive and the hirelings are low-level, but it looks like a great way to expand the player's options for the early game. Do many people use full-custom or majority-custom parties? I've considered starting over and experimenting with a more diverse party, but I'm right before Defiance Bay, and I've heard that gameplay gets much more complex in the next chapter.
  11. One more question, about armor: What are helmets for, and should wizards wear armor? I've been concerned about the recovery penalties (doesn't 30% slower recovery mean you get 30% fewer actions per round?) and it seems like a wizard could really benefit from getting better armor, since there appear to be no spellcasting penalties.
  12. Great! I look forward to reading about Ashoka's adventures. I'm a longtime no-reloader for the Infinity Engine, but I literally just started playing Pillars of Eternity today with a mage. I died several times already--probably in large part because I thought that dwarven woman's spirit was at the bottom of the temple in the Gilded Vale, instead of right next to the tree, which meant I only very recently recruited Eder, and was therefore working with two flimsy mages for most of the game. Turns out having a tank is very important; Aloth and I got overwhelmed numerous times when enemies came
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