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  1. @Serg_Blackstrider: Fair point about the "off-screen" runs. I actually do have screenshots of my earlier attempts, but I doubt I'll bother posting them here just to put a couple names in the Graveyard. I wasn't able to do this in my current run due to the ban on per-rest abilities, but does Envenomed Weapon seem very powerful to you guys? It deals damage in the high double digits, can be used three times per rest, and it deals raw damage. I assume some enemies are immune to it on the grounds that it's poison, but I don't know which critters might be immune. After all, brainless critters li
  2. @Alesia_BH: I'd think that Eyestrike would be more useful as a level 1 Power pick. It lasts half as long, but it also takes half the Focus of Phantom Foes, and I think Amplified Thrust is a better choice for 20-Focus abilities that deal damage. But Phantom Foes should definitely enable sneak attacks. I've been wondering about a thief's invisibility powers. It seems like a great option for solo runs, and I'd think it would synergize beautifully with firearms, as the invisibility would give you plenty of time to reload and the sneak attack bonus should enable some incredibly strong shots. I
  3. Gray Sidoh: No Per-Rest Abilities Run (three paladins, three ciphers) After having barely survived an encounter with a bunch of Blights and Adragans in Od Nua, we head to Copperlane and burn thousands of gold on ingredients for crafting--without the ability to use per-rest abilities, we need to rely on consumables for big battles. We brew some Infuse Vital Essence potions and tack on a few more enchantments to our gear. Back in my old run, I never did any enchanting at all: I checked it in the early game, found I couldn't do anything, and didn't know when it was possible. We stop by Ca
  4. @Jaheiras_Witness: Very informative stuff! I especially like your positioning--intentionally cornering your character to form an artificial chokepoint is very clever, and not something I would have considered. I've only done that once before as far as I can recall, when I cornered an Archer/Mage character against Belhifet in SoD. That's not something I would have tried in PoE. You're doing a great job of optimizing your tactics. It shows a lot of insight into the game system; I didn't realize there was that much depth to the fights with the Xaurips. How important are Concentration and Inte
  5. Then I'll vote for A. I think that gives special honor to saga runs, shows respect to near-successes, and commemorates the fallen.
  6. So, how about this? 1. Completed saga runs go to the Hall 2. PoE-only runs go to Honorable Mentions 3. Nearly-successful and notable failures go to Honorable Mentions 4. Other failures go to the Graveyard Would this miss anything?
  7. I'll vote for C. The Graveyard has the advantage of letting failed runs feel like less of a waste of time, since you can put a short line (I'd probably make jokes for mine) about your character's untimely death.
  8. Zero and nero sound kinda negative. How about the Graveyard for lost runs and Honorable Mentions for non-saga runs? The Graveyard would be a playfully gloomy name for a challenge that usually ends in failure. Plus, it matches the numerous tombstone markings around PoE. I have two dead characters named Gray Sidoh. They could be the first entries in the Graveyard: Gray Sidoh, Orlan Wizard: Forgot that bears are omnivores, not herbivores. Gray Sidoh, Orlan Wizard: Littered in the forest; executed by tree huggers.
  9. Hm. The Hall of Heroes for BG runs only included full saga runs: BG1, BG2, and ToB (SoD was optional because there were so many runs that came before SoD was made). However, we also had an Honorable Mentions section in the Beamdog thread (if not the original Bioware thread) for notable runs that failed very late or only included part of the saga. JuliusBorisov had a solo druid run in the Honorable Mentions section that died at the very end of the game, and I had a couple runs that were BG2 and ToB only; no BG1. The reasoning was that JuliusBorisov's run was unusually challenging (a solo druid
  10. That's too bad. I was hoping Gray Sidoh could get an entry if I make it past Thaos. I don't even own PoE 2. Is it very different from PoE in terms of gameplay? Is it a continuation of the same story and character, like BG1 and BG2, or would a saga run involve two character creation processes?
  11. @Alesia_BH: Congratulations! Is this our first entry in the Hall of Heroes? Two questions about the Hall: is it going to be on the first page? If so, how will it be added if you're on hiatus? The Beamdog no-reload thread's OP belongs to Ygramul, but when he went on hiatus, I used moderator editing privileges to add entries since he wasn't available.
  12. By the way, I really appreciate you creating this thread, @Alesia_BH. I had been growing weary of BG for a long time, but stuck with it because I didn't know any similar games I might enjoy. I'm having a blast learning Pillars of Eternity, and I'm glad you inspired me to finally try it out.
  13. Gray Sidoh: No Per-Rest Abilities Run (three paladins, three ciphers) Back to Od Nua! I think we're in pretty good shape to deal with the local elemental Blights. Everything here appears to explode on death, but our paladins have strong defenses that they can more or less shrug off multiple blasts while taking minimal damage. This still means we need to be careful, however--our ciphers are not nearly as sturdy, and killing a Blight too close to our back line could pose a real threat to the party's functioning. The good news is that we get lots of new ingredients from the Blights, and use
  14. Gray Sidoh: No Per-Rest Abilities Run (three paladins, three ciphers) We've been doing okay so far, but I'm concerned about the druids in Stormwall Gorge. Their area-effect spells could apply some very heavy pressure on our ciphers and leave our paladins without support. They crushed me in my last attempt at a Normal mode no-reload run (the blind, reloading run on Easy died multiple times; the first Normal mode no-reload run died to a bear; and the second Normal mode no-reload run died to the druids), and our party isn't well equipped to deal with area-effect damage. The solution? I wa
  15. In my BG runs, I noticed that I became increasingly more strict about my personal rules over time, and I began to employ fewer exploits in general. This wasn't because I had any opposition to exploits or anything like that; I just found them less fun as time went on, and I transitioned to other things. Only when I did exceptionally difficult runs, like a solo LoB run or a poverty run, did I use exploits. I remember in the LoB challenge for BG, Grond0's example inspired me to play without LoB XP bonuses. Two days later, I invented a way to hit the BG1 XP cap in 10 minutes (it involves using
  16. @Baron Pampa: Real life priorities always come first. When you have time, we'd love to have you join the challenge. As for your list: 1. I have never found a figurine because I don't know anything about Pillars of Eternity. And now that Alesia_BH has described an adra beetle figurine as overpowered, I'm probably not going to be comfortable using it. 2. Charms are very strong, as I've just recently begun to learn. I don't think they're game-breaking, though, or "cheesy" or unfair or exploit-y or anything like that. They're just effective spells that work as they're intended to. Charm effec
  17. @Jaheiras Witness: Do you think it's feasible to solo a mage no-reload by relying on those items? I like the idea of a solo run, but I'm not really interested in a conventionally tanky character like a chanter. I've been enjoying offensive-oriented strategies in PoE because fights end so quickly and so dramatically. I was hoping that higher-level mage spells would make it possible to steamroll certain encounters. I'm surprised to see Dexterity used as a dump stat, but now that you describe your strategy, it makes sense. I thought of action speed as very valuable in the sense that it can pr
  18. Is there a way to post images directly, but enclose them in spoilers so they don't clutter the thread? It would be easier if we could click on a spoiler to open an image on the same page, rather than clicking on a link to open a new tab to view the picture outside the thread.
  19. I've changed my mind about disengagement in PoE. I noticed it dealing early kills to my party in my first run, but that wasn't because disengagement was inherently dangerous--it was because I only tried to disengage when I was already in bad condition. Disengaging early, like we did in the Sanitarium, is an important preventative step, even if it's not a good cure. Disengagement is worth doing early on to secure an advantage in positioning. It's a long-term investment in pressure management rather than a rescue option. Also, part of it depends on the speed of the enemy's attacks. An enemy
  20. Since disengagement is so dicey and simultaneously so important for our ciphers to be able to do, I buy a big-ticket item for the first time and put the Cape of Withdrawal on one of our ciphers. Gray Sidoh hits level 4 and takes Weapon Focus: Peasant to improve the endurance-healing hatchet, Hearth Harvest, and we proceed to Caed Nua. Even against groups of Wurms and Xaurips, our three tanks can hold the fort pretty well, and our three ciphers can deal massive area-effect damage with Mind Blades. https://imgur.com/cjwzVLz Still, a nasty encounter with a Pwgra reminds us of the vulnerability
  21. Gray Sidoh Hearth Orlan Kind Wayfarer Paladin Aedyr Aristocrat Might: 14 Constitution: 10 Dexterity: 10 Perception: 15 Intellect: 10 Resolve: 19 Difficulty: Normal Settings: Maim on Zero Health; No Injuries on Zero Endurance Mods: None Special: No Per-Rest Abilities After a couple runs on Normal ended at the early game cave bear and some druids (which surprised me, since we had taken down so many drakes shortly before) and their area-effect spells, I've decided to try a new run with a twist: no reloads and no per-rest abilities. The only spells we can use are per-enco
  22. Yeah. Baldur's Gate might be much harder to beat no-reload than Pillars of Eternity, but that's because BG is hideously unforgiving; not because PoE is easy. The funny thing is that the main reason I've taken an interest in PoE is because BG became too easy after so many years playing it. It's nice to go back to being inexperienced and having new things to learn about the game.
  23. @Hulk'O'Saurus: How do you handle solo runs, and are they viable for no-reload purposes? Early game encounters in my experience tend to require heavy damage output and the ability to handle extreme pressure, and I'm not sure how a non-tanky class could survive in a no-reload run.
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