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  1. Yeah, I'm relying on wizard spells to impose blindness and enable sneak attacks. The wizard is covering that Intellect deficit. As for optimal stats, I agree with Alesia_BH that the importance of stats is very context-dependent, especially for characters like rogues, who can serve multiple different roles. PoE imposes a lot of tradeoffs about stats, which means that min-maxing has much more complicated effects than it does in other games. While some stats are more important than others, every class stands to benefit at least a little from each stat; no stats are completely irrelevant. Anyw
  2. @Jaheiras Witness: I'd not thought about Deep Wounds, but I did consider that Envenomed Strike would deal its damage faster with a low Intellect. Pity that Deep Wounds doesn't stack. I can definitely see the reason to increase Intellect on a cipher, but in my triple cipher party, low Intellect was worth the benefit (we dropped it to 7 or so). Cranking up Might, Dexterity, and Perception allowed us to generate Focus extremely quickly and reliably, which meant more Whisper of Treason and Puppet Master spells. Also, many of the best cipher powers are damage spells with no duration, which mean
  3. I'm not sure I agree that Intellect is very useful for thieves, though I'm definitely very inexperienced with Intellect, thieves, and PoE in general. Intellect can influence potion buffs, but how significant will a 30% difference in potion duration make, compared to bonuses from other stats? If you use three potions or scrolls in a single fight, a 30% decrease in duration is roughly equal to using one extra potion, which costs one more item and one more round. In a fight with 10 actions, that's only a 10% drop in power--meaningful, but that only applies to really major fights, and taking a 30%
  4. Now that I think about it, I think this kind of gets to the heart of our different playstyles. You have a very technical style heavily grounded in game knowledge and very long-term preparation: you experiment in a neutral context, process the system and catalogue the various factors in gameplay, and use that mental library to optimize your gameplay rather than optimize your party. You're the kind of player who will hold onto the hide armor from the prologue just so you can wear it, ages later, at the first fight with the shades outside Caed Nua, just to take advantage of hide armor's bonus to
  5. @Alesia_BH: You can refuse the honor of an entry on the list, but please do tell us about Alikae. It's always rewarding to read about your runs.
  6. I actually just started a new run with an Orlan rogue dual-wielding hatchets (the Deflection bonuses stack!), and so far I've been sticking with the standard NPCs. This keeps happening... Another player suggests trying something a little bit harder, and eventually I find myself doing it! The funny thing is that it actually feels smoother than my old run. I don't have to worry about raising money to afford early-game custom characters, or how much experience each one starts with. Custom NPCs are expensive, and they start out a level behind. I think it may be better to stick with NPCs until
  7. Hm. On more than one occasion, in the BG no-reload thread, I only began posting on a run after it was already complete, mostly because I'd play for several sessions, then post for several sessions, then play, then post, and so on. Sometimes I'd end up completing the run before I got around to posting on it. For Aur's ill-fated attempts at PotD mode, for example, I only began posting after both of them had failed (the same doesn't hold for Gray Sidoh's successful run). The most extreme example was my old solo LoB mode run, which I had to restart from Candlekeep multiple times. People in the
  8. I'm not really keen on using the existing NPCs. It's not just that I can't adjust their stats and so forth without paying to re-train them--it's that I can't choose all the classes I want, especially not early in the game.
  9. Aur, Moon Godlike Paladin, Kind Wayfarer, Aristocrat of Aedyr Might 14 Constitution 14 Dexterity 10 Perception 15 Intellect 10 Resolve 15 In the previous run, I found that our Lay on Hands spells were largely redundant, since Silver Tide covered a fair amount of the necessary healing, and by the time we get 6 Moon Godlikes, those Silver Tides are going to be even stronger. Instead, we pick Flames of Devotion as our first ability and put some more points in Constitution so we'll have a bigger pool of Health. The logic behind the higher Constitution is that, by the time we have all
  10. Aur, Moon Godlike Paladin, Kind Wayfarer, Aristocrat of Aedyr Might 16 Constitution 10 Dexterity 10 Perception 13 Intellect 10 Resolve 19 I've decided to test my theory about a party of Moon Godlike paladins and have bumped up the difficulty to Path of the Damned, skipping Hard mode at Alesia_BH's suggestion. Basically, the theory is that paladins have strong defenses and can neutralize disablers using Liberating Exhortation, and the area-effect healing of Silver Tide will keep all party members in good health. I think this will be enough to stomp over PotD; the party should be mo
  11. Yeah. I don't think there's any reason to feel bad about a failed run, but if other people feel differently about their runs, I wouldn't commemorate the loss if they didn't want to. I just wanted to encourage people to submit runs to the Graveyard.
  12. I think an entry in the Graveyard is a good thing. It means you're learning--and why not commemorate a character's unfortunate demise? Failure is an integral part of the no-reload experience; no one beats the challenge without losing characters. Besides, an entry in the Graveyard is a reassuring sign to other players that they're not alone. I wouldn't hesitate to ask for an entry in the Graveyard, and I encourage other people to do the same. Losing runs is part of the challenge!
  13. Now that I think about it, I'm kind of tempted to jump right from Normal to Path of the Damned mode with a team of Moon Godlike paladins just to see how sturdy they really are. But I don't want to get into the habit of going for "trophy" runs like I used to; I've walked that road before and it tends to suck the joy out of living. Still... It might be fun to try. It sounds like a very simple, breezy party to play.
  14. Maybe I'll try a double monk, double rogue, double mage party. With the right talent, monks can deal 5% extra melee damage as fire damage per 1 Wound, and with the right talent, you can get 1 Wound for every 8 damage instead of every 10 damage. Wounds only last 20 seconds, so that 5% extra damage won't last forever, but a monk that continually takes damage can have very respectable damage output. I was thinking I'd make both monks into Moon Godlikes, since their high Might and high Constitution would synergize with the party-wide healing from Silver Tide. They'd be able to take a lot of damage
  15. @Alesia_BH: Yes, I'm talking about switching from one loaded gun to another, and then reloading them after combat. Firing a pistol consecutively takes about 8 seconds between each shot; switching from pistol to pistol takes about 4 seconds between each shot, but you'd have to reload them later. Now that I think about it, it probably wouldn't be a big deal for anyone except for a rogue combining it with sneak attack bonuses, since you'd only get 1-3 switches before you were reduced to a normal attack rate. So, bows are generally better than guns, as far as I can tell. Even the chanter's rel
  16. I've had several ideas for my next run. I think I'll bump it up to Hard, and I'd like to try White March, but that seems like it would end in failure. Since I've already got one no-reload complete, I think I'll take it easy and focus more on learning the game than getting another entry in, so I might continue the run as a reload run if it fails as a no-reload run, just so I can do some more experimenting on my own. I'd like to try a high-Intellect, low-Might mage specializing in disablers combined with a bruiser-type thief for sneak attacks on blinded critters, though we'd still want heali
  17. Because I'd only fought him once before! I have no idea how most of this game works. Does he stay frozen until the judge and executioner fall? When the "Soul Jump" absorbs damage, where does it go? Because if it goes directly to the judge and executioner, then that would mean you could bypass some of their damage resistances by targeting Thaos instead.
  18. The basic assumptions behind this run were that (1) ciphers have crazy offensive potential if they're min-maxed, and (2) paladins could cover the vulnerabilities of a glass cannon-type cipher. Apparently, both of those assumptions held. Ciphers have crazy offensive potential because so many things synergize with each other: high Might and Accuracy increase weapon damage, which increases Focus gain, which can be used to fuel damage spells that are also magnified by high Might and Accuracy, and high Dexterity speeds up both. A min-maxed cipher is extremely fragile, but its weaknesses can all
  19. Gray Sidoh: No Per-Rest Abilities Run (three paladins, three ciphers) Before I decide on our opening spells for the final battle, I check the resistances of Woedica's Headsman and Woedica's Judge. I notice that the executioner has no bonuses to its defense against domination effects, so I start out with Puppet Master. We get a critical hit! But... nothing happens. I double-check the executioner and realize that while its list of resistances doesn't mention domination effects, its list of immunities does. So, we've wasted 30 Focus right off the bat, and Rius takes a bit of d
  20. Gray Sidoh: No Per-Rest Abilities Run (three paladins, three ciphers) Time to deal with Thaos and finally learn the big secret truth thingy behind Pillars of Eternity. Here is our fully-buffed party at the end of the game, both record screens and inventory screens. The spoiler below has 12 screenshots, so if you want the key details: We have three paladins decked in full plate and fast weapons with shields, and three ciphers with cloth armor, two bows, and a wand. Basically, the paladins are designed to be tanky healers, and the ciphers are glass cannons using ranged weapons. Everyone has
  21. That's a good idea! I don't think I have the Hand and Key in this run; it's not our inventory and I don't remember getting it. If we did find it, it's been sold in favor of custom-enchanted plate mail for all three paladins. I considered getting Aegis of Loyalty, but didn't think it would matter much in the final fight, so I went with Reinforcing Exhortation. Whenever someone mentions a key item in this thread, I have to look it up because I don't know which items are which. Partly it's because I don't remember the names, but it's also because I haven't even heard of some items. I'm missin
  22. Gray Sidoh: No Per-Rest Abilities Run (three paladins, three ciphers) We head to Burial Isle to see how much experience we can get before jumping through the hole, which I'm reasonably certain is the point of no return in the main questline. The local spirits seem considerably tougher than I remember, but none of them are tough enough to withstand three simultaneous beams from Ectopsychic Echo. We're still not quite at level 9, and I'm not sure the experience at Sun in Shadow will be enough to get us there before Thaos, so I decide to do one last quest before jumping down the hole:
  23. Gray Sidoh: No Per-Rest Abilities Run (three paladins, three ciphers) We do a little more dungeon crawling, trying to put together enough experience for level 9, but we aren't getting very far, and when I see an ominously large room... ...I decide to beat it. I don't know what lies in that chamber, but big fights tend to take place in big rooms, and rushing into a major fight completely blind isn't worth it just to get a few steps closer to level 9. Still, we really could benefit from level 9 against Thaos, so I decide to go ahead and try my hand at Raedric, figuring that I cou
  24. @Jaheiras Witness: Really? Only a few of the barbarian's abilities appear to involve durations or ranges, and they don't seem as significant as the spells of a priest, druid, or wizard.
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