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  1. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher Mercifully, the rest of the party survives the paralysis; there aren't quite as many enemies as there were when we first got paralyzed. Rius prepares a Fireball, hoping we can bring down some of the weaker enemies even if the Cean Gwlas are too tough. Still, that sudden flash of paralysis is a very bad sign. It means that the Spirits probably have even more such attacks up their sleeve, and they might use it again in just a few more rounds. We need to make sure we can survive another blast. We renew our Scroll of Defense and Prayer Against Fear, but o
  2. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher Back to Cliaban Rilag! Or whatever area this is; I don't know the names. Whisper of Treason still works reliably on Spirits, and for the survivors, our single-target burst damage thins the herd even faster. The Animats are immune to charm and have excellent damage reduction, to the extent that Divinegon's blunderbuss is all but useless. However, Silent Scream goes right past Animat damage reduction, and Ectopsychic Echo can overcome it through brute force. Back to Defiance Bay! Pallegina now has St. Garam's Spark, which she uses to help Divinego
  3. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher I'm unsatisfied with Zovai's talents, so I burn some copper re-training her, giving her Inspiring Radiance for an Accuracy boost for the party and Veteran's Recovery to make her a little harder to kill. We have over 20,000 copper now, but we're probably going to go through a lot of it very quickly. We're around level 6 right now, so we really want some more XP before we approach the endgame. I want to be higher-level than I was in previous runs when we finally tackle Thaos; I've never encountered those charm spells that I've heard are present in the PotD
  4. @Enuhal: Well done! Good on you for trying out new builds, even if they didn't prove as effective as one might have hoped. You've got some pretty big numbers on those characters--I know part of that is due to being level 11, but those extraordinarily high Might values really surprise me. How did you get Might up to 24 and 28? I hope we see some forays into Pillars of Eternity 2 at some point. It looks like we've got a few players who are capable of handling PoE 1, which means a saga run feels doable in the near future. It would be great to see our first entry in the Hall of Heroes.
  5. I might try a poverty run in the future, but I'm also considering running a party of glass cannons. It looks like a cipher and a monk have a weird synergy: ciphers benefit from dealing damage and monks benefit from taking damage, but ciphers can miss enemies and monks can die when at the front using their firsts. So, why not keep a cipher and a monk at the back of the line? The cipher could generate Wounds and Focus using dual-wielded sabers, and the monk could use a long weapon to strike from behind the tanks. Combine Turning Wheel with the +20% fire damage talent, and the monk could deal
  6. What do you guys think about the prospects of a poverty run? It's not possible to beat the game completely without any items whatsoever, but I think if you tweaked the rules to just forbid inventory items, it would be more doable: 1. No items equipped except for grimoires, pets and unenchanted clothing; no items in inventory; no items in stash aside from quest items 2. Copper can be spent to buy custom characters, resolve quests, and rest at inns 3. You can buy and use Camping Supplies That way, wizards would still be playable, certain quests could still be completed, and resting wou
  7. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher With both paladins confused, we cannot use Liberating Exhortation on either. We need to clear the field quickly before we get overwhelmed with disablers, but Rius' Fireball barely does anything; even the weakest enemies are still at Barely Injured. Divinegon opts for Ectopsychic Echo, and Frost uses Shadowing Beyond to make sure she doesn't get disabled when she runs into the horde. But we've got more bad news. The Dank Spores can also cast Domination spells, and their Accuracy is so strong that even Mora Tai's 75 Will save can't keep him safe. Than
  8. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher After clearing up some remaining mobs in the Skaen temple, we head out to nab a dragon egg. We pay off the adventurers guarding it (they looked well-equipped, so I saw no need to mess with them) and apply area-effect spells to the local Wurms. They don't do much besides pepper Pallegina with tiny fireballs. Later, we pick a fight with some Pwgras and Lurkers, but flub up our positioning and end up with Divinegon at the front. Rius prepares a blindness spell and Frost stakes out a position to use a Fan of Flames scroll, while Divinegon tries to keep
  9. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher We head back to town to rest and restock, and Zovai, our Moon Godlike priest, hits level 6 after visiting the local church, taking Aggrandizing Radiance because I thought the stat bonuses went to everyone instead of just the priest. Despite our difficulties with the Skaen crazies, I decide to probe around the sacrificial chamber-looking room that I avoided in my previous run out of concern that there was a nasty boss fight past the doorway. I arrive just in time to save some poor girl from being sacrificed, and use Divinegon's cipher powers to wipe her mi
  10. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher We're running low on resources, but I decide to tackle one more fight before resting, figuring that the small room nearby can't hold that big of a fight. That assumption doesn't hold. We've got an enemy cipher with a pistol, a wizard who fires off Minor Missiles, and two Skaen priests who blast us with Iconic Projection. We go deep into the red, and it takes a lot of work to keep the party healthy. Notice that Frost is using a Minor Missiles scroll to deal faster damage against the enemy Mind Breaker. He falls within seconds, but I soon realize th
  11. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher Time to take down Heritage Hill! We test out Finishing Blow against a Skeletal Wizard and get one of the biggest blows of the run. We can stomp most of the Guls just by using Ectopsychic Echo, with Consecrated Ground to keep us healthy. We don't need many per-rest abilities to get through the Vessels here. The last fight, right next to the tower, is a little tougher because we used the stairs as a chokepoint and therefore can't use Frost, our rogue, or Zovai, our priest, to drag Ectopsychic Echo over the enemies. Divinegon does find a nice opportuni
  12. @Jaheiras Witness: I like 6 Mechanics because that's always been enough for me to detect traps, even if I can't always disarm them. I assume you need higher Mechanics to deal with stuff in White March or Od Nua or whatever, but so far I've most been dealing with the main quest and so the party is always level 9 at highest. I've actually got injuries on zero Endurance enabled, so revived characters will have injuries. I like Scrolls of Revival because they're good rescue options when stuff goes wrong (they're even area-effect!). Besides, no one else in my party can currently revive anyone w
  13. @Alesia_BH: I only know of one Marking weapon, St. Garam's Spark, and I think it's a great option for an introductory blast from arbalests and firearms. It sounds like a spectacular enchantment, because if you have three characters attacking the same target, you've got +10 Accuracy for 2 different characters. If it applies to spells, that's even better. What I'm not sure about is the timing. Does it amount to -10 to all defenses for whichever character the wielder is targeting at any moment? Because if it does, that means you could actually grant +10 Accuracy to different party members att
  14. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher Frost, our rogue, finally hits level 4! Notice she's using a flail--I don't know why flails are fast weapons in PoE, but they are. I'm not sure how strong Envenomed Weapon is, but the prospect of massive, unresistable Raw damage three times per day, on a character with extremely high Accuracy, two attacks per round, and sky-high Might sounds very lovely. Time to deal with the thugs by the docks! I had some trouble with these guys in my Normal mode run, so I make a point of taking them seriously. We summon Wood Beetles to hold off the melee goons and
  15. @Alesia_BH: I'm not sure if I've said this already, but thanks for starting up this challenge and inspiring me to finally start playing Pillars of Eternity. I've really been enjoying this game, and the challenge has made my life a little brighter. I appreciate all of you guys joining in. I'm learning a lot and having a good time.
  16. Arcadia says that you sound like her parents. She's not happy. Lesson learned. If somebody has to be unhappy, don't make it the Moon Godlike. They're hard to put down! Speaking of which, maybe Silver Tide is the reason there are so many Moon Godlikes in this thread. They were better than other Godlikes at surviving attempts at infanticide. But look on the bright side. At least Moon Godlikes will know to be better parents when they have their own children. (insert trollface icon) I guess this is what happens when powergaming calculations clash with roleplaying sensibilities. Th
  17. I've been wondering about this, because the findings didn't seem right to me. It didn't seem realistic that Perception would be so much less important than Might for the purposes of damage output. In light of this information, Perception does have some potential that Might alone cannot match. 1. You mention that Might bonuses only stack additively with other bonuses, and not multiplicatively--that is, Might only modifies base weapon or spell damage, right? The biggest bonuses to damage besides Might are 50% for a cipher (Biting Whip and an Exceptional weapon) and 100% for a rogue (50% from
  18. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher Maerwald summons some Blights early on, which we quickly chop up in order to isolate the wizard. Maerwald actually helps bring them down with his Chill Fog spell. Notice Divinegon trying to charm a Blight right after it blew up, wasting the spell. Maerwald himself is still very dangerous, and he blasts us with a Fan of Flames spell. Zovai's Silver Tide triggers, instantly recovering much of the damage. Moon Godlikes might not be utterly broken, but they are definitely quite strong. Mora Tai, our paladin and primary tank, falls to Maerwald's Fireba
  19. @Jaheiras Witness: I ran some numbers. With attack rolls up to 15 being Misses, 16-50 being Grazes, 51-100 being Hits, and 101+ being Crits, we get the following spread for a character that deals 10 damage on a normal hit, and whose Accuracy is 40, 30, 20, 10, or zero points above or below the target's Deflection: It looks like every 1 Accuracy below the target's defense imposes a 1.48% penalty to output, while every 1 Accuracy above the target's defense grants a little more than a 2% bonus to output, which steadily decreases as the bonus gets higher. My numbers are probably inaccurate
  20. I have more meta-level stuff on my mind, so forgive this long post if you're not a fan of abstract discussion: I've been thinking about Dexterity vs. Perception. Each point of Dexterity grants 3% faster attacks, while Perception grants only 1% better Accuracy. Ostensibly, that means Dexterity would buy more offensive power and reliability. But I think there are a couple reasons this isn't the case, and a third reason why Perception is more important in a no-reload context: First, not all attacks are equally important, especially for spellcasters. For very long fights or for multiple fi
  21. I have a habit of making long posts, so I keep having to split my posts in two so I don't go over the image limit. Back to the temple of Eothas! Now that we've established that we can handle Spirits at Caed Nua, we know it's safe (or at least not unwise) to tackle the ones at the temple. We get better luck with Whisper of Treason, so there are no close calls. I was a little concerned about the Skuldrs, but they have worse Will defenses than the Spirits. Divinegon can easily charm even the strongest of them. They still last a little while, but that just means Kana has time to summon a P
  22. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher We fought some trolls in an area whose name I don't know (I still don't have a lot of names and places down), and Whisper of Treason proves capable of completely fending off enemy pressure. Trolls move slowly, and while you can't kite them as easily when they come in groups, a single charmed troll is enough to keep the others occupied. Notice Kana summoning skeletons--this method of fighting is very safe, but also very slow. Divinegon's high Might, Perception, and Dexterity let her build up Focus quickly, which means she can deploy multiple charm and
  23. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher Explorer from the Living Lands Difficulty: Path of the Damned Settings: Maim before death; injuries on zero Endurance Might 18 Constitution 6 Dexterity 18 Perception 20 Intellect 10 Resolve 6 Divinegon (dih-vih-nih-gahn) is a lazy wanderer who slowly meanders wherever fate takes her, not minding where she ends up or how long it takes to get there. I've still got the same portrait for my Watcher. Her lazy, sleepy approach to life is only there to justify her low Constitution and low Resolve, which I needed to drop to crank up her Might, Dexter
  24. @Alesia_BH: I'm very behind on posting on my current run, a PotD run with another Hearth Orlan cipher. I think I'll start posting tomorrow. @Enuhal: I don't know anything about "builds" in PoE (what on earth is a Cauterizer?), but I see the logic in a low-Constitution Moon Godlike. Since Silver Tide is triggered by the Moon Godlike's Endurance reaching certain percentages, you can make it trigger earlier by giving them lower Constitution. The Moon Godlike can take the hit to their survivability, and the early triggering of Silver Tide will be more likely to save other characters. A Moon Go
  25. Alesia isn't big on the "taking damage" thing. She has a habit of doing very, very long-term planning with her defensive options. She makes it look easy, but it's all based on careful preparation. If you snuck up on her at a party and tried to poke her with a toothpick, you would discover that she had already sewn a Button of Shielding +1 into the exact spot on her shirt where you tried to poke her.
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