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  1. Does anyone know how many things trigger Combusting Wounds? If it applies multiple times from Chill Fog, would it also apply multiple times from Ectopsychic Echo? What about multiple beam spells like Ray of Fire, or cloud spells, or damage over-time effects like Envenomed Strike? Does it also apply to the negative Endurance effect from a chanter's song? It seems like an excellent way to magnify damage, both on crowds and on critters with high damage reduction.
  2. If you guys have been interested in Nizidramanii'yt's poverty run, then I have bad news: I don't plan on continuing this run any further. There are two reasons for this. First, the party is kind of simple and gameplay isn't very diverse. We only have three different classes across six party members, and our same-class characters aren't that different from each other in terms of their functions and abilities. Plus, without items, there's not much customization to do and XP is the only thing of value we can obtain. This party has little growth in its future beyond gaining levels, and gamepla
  3. Nizidramanii'yt, Hearth Orlan Wizard (Poverty run) We skip most of the wilderness fights on the way to Defiance Bay (we took down a single Pwgra using blindness and druid spells), we head to the Catacombs of Defiance Bay, where we suffer lots of damage from the Primordials, though nothing endangers the party's survival. Then we tackle some skeletons, who remind us of our one biggest weakness as a party: we have no item-based damage reduction. Just like burst damage from crossbows knocked out Rosevine in an earlier fight, burst damage from the Skeleton Wizards' damage spells does horrib
  4. Nizidramanii'yt, Hearth Orlan Wizard (Poverty run) Back to the poverty run! We need a little more XP before we tackle Caed Nua, since we've got very few resources to handle dangerous critters like Phantoms, so we run around in search of enemies and quests. We've got one big task ahead of us: the bandits around the lost shipment to Gilded Vale. Here's one of the many problems with poverty runs: since your tanks can't wear armor, you're pretty much at the mercy of enemy weapons unless you're a wizard with Arcane Veil. And even Rosevine doesn't have the Endurance to handle a volley of cro
  5. I have some reading and posting to catch up on (I didn't realize we had posts after page 35 until just now!), but first, I had a question: what is this about loot tables and an "upscaled Thaos" fight?
  6. I see the value in a melee cipher dual-wielding sabers or what have you, but I think a ranged weapon has better synergy with the class. Ciphers benefit from high Dexterity and low armor because they want to alternate between Powers and normal attacks, and wearing armor, which is fairly important for melee combat, really slows them down. Psychovampiric Shield is long-lasting and strong, but but it's one of the few defensive Powers they have (several of the others can only be used on other party members; not the cipher itself). The cipher's strongest spells are all ranged attacks, so dual-wieldi
  7. I'd vote for a place in Honorable Mentions. Regular posting should be strongly encouraged, but denying a character a spot on the list is a bit harsh. I'd also vote for Alora the rogue in a party. Better to practice the rogue before undertaking a solo run; it'll make the solo run last longer. I definitely support the idea that we should hold off on the PoE2 thread until we have at least 3 people ready to start simultaneously--and maybe we should open with several posts on the same day, to establish a positive trend early. I should be ready to do so in January. As for ciphers, I'd co
  8. You guys are sweet, but I think I'll wait and see if there's a Christmas discount before the holidays. I'm not poor; I'm just really cheap. I'll tell my brother about it--normally my family has trouble figuring out what to get me because I don't really want things (I'm lucky that way), though my brother has a way of thinking of the perfect gifts.
  9. Yikes, Pillars of Eternity 2 is $50! I'm not sure I've ever paid so much for a game (I got PoE 1 as a gift). Normally I've only paid like $20 for an individual game before... I wonder how long it will take for the price to drop down.
  10. Nizidramanii'yt, Hearth Orlan Wizard (Poverty run) As it happens, the early game is actually fairly easy if you've got a druid. A lot of the early-game fights are against Beasts, and even level 1 druids can charm them pretty easily. Plus, while this party has very limited options for sustainable damage, we do have great burst damage, since we have six full-time spellcasters. And even without using spells, our mages can hit pretty hard with Concelhaut's. We carefully pick our fights to make sure I don't run into anything too scary, and gradually get Nizi up to level 3, giving her bl
  11. Nizidramanii'yt, Hearth Orlan Wizard Difficulty: Hard Settings: Injuries on zero Endurance; Maim before death on zero Health Mods: None Special: Poverty run (no items in inventory besides cosmetic items and starting grimoires; copper can only be used for rests and quests) I've decided to try my hand at a poverty run, bumping the difficulty from PotD to Hard so I don't have to deal with the bigger numbers of PotD, but still get the full-sized fights you don't get in Normal mode. We can't use any equipment, consumables, or weapons besides those we create magically or which have no effect
  12. Wait, how many levels was I supposed to have? After beating the game at levels 7 and 8 in my last two runs, I thought level 9 was above average! I also wasn't sure I'd make it at the time. Sometimes you can see it coming long in advance if you see disadvantages accumulating or if the party proves incapable of performing an essential function. Sometimes, though, you can step back for a moment, reconfigure your strategy, and think through a problem with a sober mind, which can get you through an encounter that would otherwise end in failure. Often, sticking to a standard game plan can give y
  13. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher With Divinegon trapped by Zovai's Withdraw, we need to bring down the statues without the help of our cipher. Our best remaining asset is Frost, our rogue. Frost has extremely high Accuracy, and even when she gets bad rolls, Deep Wounds will keep up a steady stream of damage. Frost won't be able to do this on her own, however. Zovai casts Champion's Boon on Frost for a +10 bonus to Might and Rius summons a trio of tentacles to take advantage of their high Accuracy and strong damage per hit. Mora Tai, however, is in trouble: his defenses aren't quite as
  14. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher We open the fight with Thaos with a suite of long-term investments: a Scroll of Defense, a scroll of Moonwell, Circle of Protection, a scroll of Prayer Against Fear, wood beetles, and for Frost, our rogue and second most important damage dealer, a haste potion. Notice that Mora Tai, our second paladin, is right next to Woedica's Headsman, the executioner. This is because Mora Tai is wearing the Blaidh Golan hide armor, which grants +50 to all defenses when prone. Now, I've mentioned in the past that the shield Ilfan Byrngar's Solace is very overpowe
  15. @Alesia_BH: What kind of numbers for defenses and Accuracy would you consider necessary to handle Thaos, and how would one get them? I used myriad consumables and enchanted much of our gear to achieve the numbers we had, and I don't know what else we could have done besides raise money for dragon meat dishes. Bear in mind that the screenshots you saw were directly before combat; they don't contain in-combat buffs like Scrolls of Defense or Blessing.
  16. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher We take the Suite of Worldly Wonders at the Goose and Fox in order to get the Lore bonus. I don't know if we'll be able to keep it until Thaos, but if we do, it'll mean that Frost, our rogue, will be able to use Maelstrom scrolls, and she's the one character best equipped to use them, since Divinegon, our other high-offense character, needs her quick slots for buffing potions and the like. Inside Sun in Shadow, we get some ugly surprises from the local Spirits, who use some ranged stun attacks to knock out Rius within seconds. They have an Accurac
  17. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher After an inn rest, a wilderness rest for Accuracy bonuses against Vessels, and several meals to boost our stats, we confront Raedric at the top of his castle. We just have enough time to cast Circle of Protection, summon our beetles, and use a Scroll of Defense and a Moonwell scroll before the enemy's charm spells take control of half of our party on the first round. Things are already looking very ugly--even our best defenses couldn't ward off those charm effects. Pallegina fixes up Rius, our mage, with Liberating Exhortation, since we really need her
  18. Congratulations, @Alesia_BH! You've earned it. I'm happy for you. I'm afraid you're a bit late to help me, though--as of this writing, Divinegon's run is over. I won't confirm how it ended just yet, but I would like to point out that I did learn a lot from your work in this and other runs, and I doubt I would have made it as far as I did without your insightful commentary and advice. That goes for all of you guys, too; I've learned a lot from everyone in this thread. But first, the fight with Raedric!
  19. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher Near the Thaos Hole, we run into a bunch of Spirits, and when we see a Cean Gwla among them, we take the threat seriously, deploying our beetles and summoning some tentacles. Divinegon lands a kill on a Phantom with her blunderbuss (she opens with an arbalest for a reliable hit, then a blunderbuss for a heavier hit, then a scepter for consistent damage), but our beetles aren't doing too well against the enemy, and our tentacles spawn to the south, away from the enemy. This robs us of a very valuable wall--and worse yet, the tentacles can't even move; the enti
  20. Monk! They seem like pretty terrible characters, but when you think about it, the worst thing that can happen is a horrible death.
  21. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher We head back to Od Nua, just to see what's left. The last time I was here, I stopped short of fighting the Xaurips because the presence of Wurms concerned me, but now that we're much higher level, I'm not worried about the "unknowns" anymore; we're tough enough to handle Xaurip-grade surprises. The Xaurips are remarkably easy to crush at this point. Divinegon now has the Extra Weapon Set talent and therefore can open with an arbalest and a firearm blast before switching to the Engwithan Scepter, and the extremely high Focus numbers let us use Silent Screa
  22. @Jaheiras Witness: Sad to see Jazz Wit fall. He was doing so well, and you were playing so well. I'm impressed by how far you've gotten as a solo character in a no-reload run. Surviving all the way through Defiance Bay is an achievement to say the least. Soloing PoE poses some unique challenges that you don't see in BG. While there aren't many instant-death effects and disablers tend to offer multiple chances to avoid smaller effects, which minimizes the impact of bad luck, the reality is that safeguarding against fatal scenarios is much tougher. Without pre-buffs, and with immunities extr
  23. By the way, is @Harpagornis active here these days? He's one of the most brilliant and inventive no-reloaders I know, and it would be great if he was interested in this challenge.
  24. Divinegon, Hearth Orlan Cipher Outside, we get ambushed by Leaden Key jerks on the way to Twin Elms. After our disastrous encounter with those Spirits, I use all of our best options, including expendables; I don't want to get caught off-guard again. The agents, though, cannot paralyze the entire party at once. And as long as Divinegon remains functional... ...the enemy needs to be very, very strong to survive the first few rounds of combat. We run into more Spores soon after, which immediately triggers alarm bells--it wasn't that long ago that we nearly died to a roomful of mushr
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